As one of the most hands on positions within your club, spending time to ensure that you have high quality coaches is an essential task for many club committees.

This page aims to provide tools to assist the club in three critical stages of the coach life cycle.

Interviewing Potential Coaches 

Irrespective of whether the person is known to the club or not, there are some essential procedures that should be undertaken before the appointment is made.

Writing clear position descriptions, advertising for the appropriate person, meeting with the potential coach, screening potential coaches and conducting reference checks are significant features of the appointment process.

The interview should be used as a chance to assess the candidates’ personal coaching philosophies, knowledge and understanding of the game, people management and organisational skills, and their ability to inspire and motivate players.


Exit Interviews for Coaches 

By using exit interviews with your coaches, you receive immediate feedback that confirms if you and your volunteers are headed in the direction of the vision you have for the club.