SportTG have a number of videos to help you navigate Footyweb. 

Start of Season House Keeping - this video will explain the start of season requirements within Footyweb.

Club Administrator Training Webinar - How to setup Clubs Registration Forms - this video contains information on how to access the registration forms and make changes, how to set up online payments, how to set up online products, how to set up form restrictions and how customers register to your club.

Using Communicator - this video will explain how to use the communicator tool to communicate with your members.

Reporting - this video contains information on how to run reports within Footyweb

Email Login System Video - this video contains information regarding Email Login.

Member Renewals through Communicator Video - this video explains how to do Member Renewals using the Communicator.

National Registration System Videos - these videos will assist users in gaining a greater understanding of the National Registrations System including the Members Dashboard, Payments and Products, Registration Form, Member Renewals, Pending Registrations, Reporting and Website Registration Widget.

Compulsory Payments Video - this video contains information regarding the use of Compulsory Payments within the registration form.

AFL National Registrations Add Terms & Conditions - this video contains information regarding AFL National Registrations Add Terms & Conditions.

Team Managers Video - this video provides an overview of Footyweb requirements for Team Managers. 

For more information on Footyweb, online userguides and videos please visit the support page and click on Sport Specific Advice > AFL.