While planning for the future of the club is very important, its just as important to document the history of the club. 

The Benefits 

There are many benefits to documenting the club's history including:

  • Creates a sense of tradition
  • Generates pride within the club
  • Demonstrates longevity and the success of the club to attract new members, volunteers and sponsors
  • Understand the roots and purpose of the club

By exploring the club's history, it will give you a good understanding of why it was established and can help drive future club goals. 

Step One - Establish the Scope of the project

The first thing you need to do is establish the scope of the history that you are to document. This will ensure your project is broken into small manageable parts and the appropriate amount of depth has been achieved. 

Its best to delegate the project to someone or create a sub-committee to ensure enough time is dedicated to the project.

Information/areas of research could include:

  • When and why the club was established
  • Who were the club committee members throughout the life of the club
  • Home grounds 
  • The competitions/leagues/divisions the club has played in
  • On-field success including premiership, Best and Fairest and any other awards the club has received
  • The size and growth of the club over time

Step Two - Start the research

Next is to start researching the history! This could be difficult depending on how old the club is and the quality of past club documents.

Be sure to check out:

  • Competition/league histroy society groups 
  • Club meeting minutes/past planning documents/past constitutions etc
  • Local/region council records
  • Club honour boards
  • Life members 

Step Three - Start writing

Its time to start collating all your research. The scope will help guide your writing. Ensure you stick to the confirm facts and be sure to get your work verified by others where possible 

Step Four - Celebrate the history

Get your work out there and celebrate the history of the club.

Ideas include:

  • Publish the history within the club record and online
  • Include a "from the vault" section within club communications e.g. post old photos on social media or old stories in the club newsletter
  • Celebrate club milestones like 50 or 100 year anniversaries
  • Create honour boards listing past club presidents, club Best and Fairest and/or life memberships