Clubs have much success raising funds by selling club apparel and merchandise.

Ideas of what your club could sell to members and supporters include:

  • Player and training apparel
  • Supporter apparel e.g. club scarves and beanies, club polos and jackets etc
  • Club merchandise e.g. stickers, stubby holders, reusable coffee cups, umbrellas, footballs, key rigs etc

Selling Merchandise

Online store: Some apparel suppliers will have an online shop option for members and supporters to order their own apparel with profits going straight to the club. This may help in streamlining the process for both members and the club committee. 

On-site: Clubs can also sell merchandise at training nights, game days and club events. Its important to consider how much stock you made need and how to best store it when not on sale.

Order forms: Clubs may opt to provide order forms at the start of the season to members and supporters to order specific items and sizes and order from the suppliers in bulk. This method a guarantee a sale and limited wastage however there will be missed sales for those who missed the deadline or want to purchase immediately.

Before purchasing any apparel and merchandise, check with your league to determine if there are any branding regulations or suppliers you must use.

Merchandise Coordinator

It may be required to appoint a Merchandise Coordinator to ensure the work does not fall to an already busy committee.

This person would be responsible for:

  • Design of merchanise and apparel 
  • Stock management including ordering, and quality and quantity control
  • Sales of merchandise
  • Liaising with members and supporters to generate and fill orders

Ideally this person would have:

  • Strong organisational skills
  • Flexible availability as they may need to be available during training nights, game days and events to manage sales
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Basic business and accounting skills