Grants programs are getting more and more competitive with grant application often exceeding the amount available.

Before you start writing your grant application, its important to understand why grants are unsuccessful (so you can avoid making the same mistakes!).

Some of the most common reasons grants are not successful include:

  • The project didn’t satisfy the purpose of the grant
  • The application didn’t include all the necessary information
  • The application lacked proof of support from key stakeholders
  • The project wasn’t viable/wasn’t enough financial support

Generally, the first thing a grant provider will do is review each grant to determine if all the information is complete and that the applicant is eligible to apply. Grant providers will not call you if the grant application is incomplete, missing information or is incorrect. Your application will be rejected.

Make sure your project is eligible and your application is complete before submission, so you don’t waste your time applying for a grant that never had a chance.