Once again, writing a winning application takes time so make sure you have allowed enough time to collect all the information, write the application and complete the submission process.

Most grant programs are now online however it’s recommended you start by writing your application in a word document. This will allow you to come back to it, spell check the application and then share with others before submitting it.

Tips for the writing process include:

  • The purpose of the grant is clearly addressed in your answers
  • All criteria are clearly addressed
  • There are clear details about how the project will be achieved and how progress will be measured
  • Ensure your application is within the word count
  • Don’t ramble! Remember there are often large numbers of applications and accessors want clear and concise information. It is ok to use quality dot points
  • Back up your application with supporting material! Use the Bureau of Statistics, league and club information to solidify any claims
  • Remember to list the positive impact your project will have – not only on your club but the wider community

Once you have written the application, circulate it to the club committee for it to be reviewed and proofed. This will ensure:

  • Every answer addresses the question in full, is complete and is accurate
  • Spelling and grammar are correct
  • Your application includes all supporting information and is accurate and complete

The final step is to submit the application. While most grants are online, some still require hard copies of certain documents. Please allow time for this.

Once you have submitted the grant, call the provider to ensure they have received the application.