Club assets refer to what the club can ‘sell’ to the sponsors.

It is important to consider the sponsors reasons behind the potential partnership to ensure the assets align with their objectives. There is no point in ‘selling’ an asset that the sponsor doesn’t value.

Some club assets could include:

  • Logo placement on on-field and off-field uniforms, equipment, livestream, club handbooks and digital media
  • Naming rights of teams, awards or events
  • Invitation to attend and present at club events
  • Social media, website and/or newsletter posts
  • Access to club databases in accordance to the relevant privacy laws
  • Activations or signage at home games and events
  • Mention of sponsors over PA at home games or livestreaming
  • Networking opportunities or access to special sponsor events
  • Use of sponsorship products e.g. sport drinks, apparel, equipment

It is recommended to create a sponsorship asset spreadsheet and list all assets and what assets are available and what assets have been ‘sold’.