A business may have various and multiple reasons to enter into a sponsorship partnership. Its imperative to understand the motives of the business to ensure both the club and sponsor gets the most from the partnership.

Get to know your sponsors and figure out what drives their motivations for a potential sponsorship deal. This will help you pull together a more tailored sponsorship package.

Some examples of why a business may consider sponsorship is provided below.

Brand Awareness/Visibility

This refers to the extent in which customers can recall or recognise a brand. A sponsor may want their brand to be more familiar.

Brand Positioning

This is how a brand is different from its competitors and where, or how, it sits in customers’ minds. Sponsoring your club may make the sponsor look more engaged with the community or more family friendly

Generate Sales

The sponsor may want to sell products directly to your audience. This can mean selling their products during specific events or home games.

Build an audience

The sponsor may want to reach a wider audience and develop more leads. This could be through direct communication to your membership database.

Networking opportunities and build relationships

The sponsor may want to engage other club sponsors or stakeholders through networking opportunities or strengthen relationships with club members and other stakeholders.