When you establish the objectives of the sponsorship deal, you need to agree with the sponsor how success will be measured.

The success of any sponsorship can be measured in two ways:

  1. Quantitatively – tangible results you can count
  2. Qualitatively – less tangible results that improve the sponsor’s position or circumstance

Quantitative measures can include:

  • Website analytics to track how many people are clicking through to any sponsor information
  • Social media analytics to see the traction of the post e.g. interactions, reach, shares, likes etc
  • Broadcast exposure including onscreen/livestream logos, signage and mentions
  • Business metrics including sales, leads and new accounts and business

Qualitatively measures can include:

  • Customer/Audience satisfaction surveys
  • Customer loyalty
  • Brand perception
  • Nature of comments on social media posts

Tracking how successful the sponsorship deal is will play a key role in the renewing partnerships and retaining existing sponsors.