The AFL and our AFL State/Territory affiliates are supporting #PlayForLives, a new charity that connects Charities in need with local sporting Clubs.

As you may know, COVID-19 is putting many charity organisations under pressure. In part, this is because many of those that volunteer with them are over 65 and in a very high-risk group, so they’re now unable to continue with their usual work.

That’s where #PlayforLives can help.

In conjunction with the AFL and several other major sporting codes, #PlayForLives is getting Australia’s sporting organisations and athletes mobilised to fill many volunteer positions left vacant in the wake of the pandemic.

Every day our football Clubs throughout the country, bring people together to participate in our great game — improving physical fitness, mental health, and bringing communities together through the game we love.

Now, more than ever, the energy and commitment of your Club members and participants is required to ensure Australians everywhere get through this difficult time, and that those who need the most support are not left behind.

Volunteering can also be a great way to support your members and participants to provide a sense of purpose to help those less fortunate at this time. The absence of regular training and matches can really hit hard. For many of us, our club is our community, and is something we all look forward to being a part of, week in, week out. It's even, at times, a lifeline.

#PlayforLives is a great opportunity to maintain that connection with your teammates, and to harness the energy of your Club.

We would love to see your Club join with many others who are coming together to join #PlayforLives to your local charities in need.

Should you need any help getting your club set up and members on board please reach out.

Together, we really can make a difference.