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Do I still have to pay full fees given the season has been delayed?

At this stage, given the length and timing of the season remains uncertain, it is still premature for Clubs to widely issue refunds (noting that if you are experiencing financial hardship you should contact your Club directly to discuss fee reductions and refunds).

However, when the situation becomes clearer and assuming there will be a material reduction in the goods and/or services that will be delivered to you by your Club as compared to what you paid for, you will be entitled to receive a reduction or refund of the fees paid by you to the Club proportionate to the goods and/or services that will not be supplied. For example, if player registration fees have been paid, participants are technically entitled to a refund for the proportion of a season not played, less the cost of goods or services supplied (including insurance, apparel, registration processing fees etc).

However, given the adverse financial impact COVID-19 has had on Community sporting organisations (and noting that such organisations face difficulties in reducing some of their costs without the same revenue streams as would usually exist), you may wish to pay full fees regardless as a gesture of goodwill to and support for your Club.

Our Club has said it doesn’t want to proceed for the Season, when will I get my money back?

You should contact your Club to discuss the timing of refunds for fees paid in circumstances where your season does not proceed.

Does COVID-19 have any impact on our Insurance? Are we still covered?

Yes. Clubs & Associations will be covered as usual under the AFL’s Community Football Public Liability and Club Management Liability policies. Participants will also be covered as usual and at their Club/Team elected level under the Personal Accident policy for physical injuries sustained in footballing activities, however cover does not extend to a sickness or illness. Cover under these policies is always subject to their terms, conditions and exclusions. Further information is available from the Marsh website by clicking here.

Are we liable for a claim if there is a positive test case in our Club/Team?

A Club can limit the risk of being found liable for a claim in connection with there being a positive test by a player or other participant at the Club, by taking all reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the Club and the wider community, including but not limited to, following the advice and recommendations of Federal & State Governments. A Club’s potential liability will need to consider the circumstances of the particular case.