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Our Coach/Trainer/Assistant is aged over 70, what does this mean?

We strongly recommend that elderly and vulnerable individuals reconsider their need to attend training or competition environments. Whilst we cannot stop these individuals attending, we strongly advise that strict social distancing measures should apply. Where possible we recommend they do not act in a service capacity interacting with crowds (i.e. serving, trainers, officials etc).

I’m a coach/trainer – do we need to wear Gloves or PPE Equipment?

It is not a mandatory requirement that team coaches or staff wear protective equipment. If you have a personal preference to do so, you are welcome to.

How often do we have to clean our equipment?

We understand the challenges around maintaining strict levels of hygiene amongst a football group. However, it is essential we implement the highest quality of hygiene at all times for the safety and comfort of our participants and their families. The AIS Framework specifies that we ensure “hospital grade disinfectant is used”. We ask that before and after training or equipment use that balls, mats, cones etc. are all thoroughly disinfected with hospital grade cleaning products and stored safely until next use.