The role of the sports team manager can be very diverse, but it does not need to be difficult or over complicated.

It is often suited to people who are happy to work behind the scenes and can adapt quickly to changing situations.

The Team Managers supports the coaching team by helping to complete, maintain and organise the necessary tasks of scheduling, paperwork and communications to allow the coaches ample time to focus on coaching the players.

This includes:

  • Ensuring the coach and players are provided with sufficient equipment for training and game days
  • Ensure all players are either currently registered with the League or has an approved clearance from previous Club
  • Provide the Secretary with a list, in jumper number order, of all players and keep all players lists updated as every change is made
  • Check jumpers are in good order at all times
  • Ensure other support staff has been appointed and are in attendance as required
  • Complete team sheets, goal kicker tallies and best and fairest votes during game days
  • Acting as the go-between for the parents and the coach, to pass on the coach’s requests to the parents and players and to provide feedback from the parents to the coach

Team Managers will also need to be proficent in Footyweb. This helpful video will explain how to navigate Footyweb as a team manager.