Codes of conduct set a standard of behaviour that help build a club’s culture and make it easier to deal with conduct and behaviour issues as they arise.

Codes of conduct set expectations for everyone involved – from the administrators, coaches and officials, to players, parents and spectators.

Your state/territory may have established a Code of Conduct within the competition regulations or policies however clubs are encouraged to implement a Club Code of Conduct.

Examples of Code of Conducts can be found below. 

Code of Conducts do not have to be complicated but do help ensure behaviour expectations are adhered to which harbours a healthy club culture.

Once created, there are several ways you can make members aware and bring your code of conduct to life:

  • Have members sign a copy when they register
  • Put them up around your venue, where possible
  • Make them a part of inductions, meetings and training
  • Put them in newsletters, on your website and in club correspondence – and explain what they mean
  • Train members in important behaviour-based topics like child protection, harassment, discrimination.