Each AFL competition will be governed by a set of regulation and by-laws that have been established by the league in which the club affiliates to. The regulations and by-laws will detail rules on how the competition will be administered.

Regulations and By-laws specify the rules and regulations for the administration of the playing, participating, coaching and officiating in Australian Football within your league.

The objectives of the Regulations are often to:

  • Promote, develop and protect Australian Football in the relevant state/territory by ensuring that the appropriate conduct and standards apply;
  • Ensure that the Competitions are regulated in a consistent and coordinated manner across AFL and State/territory rules and regulations.

All coaches, club committee members and official should understand the by-laws to ensure they are operating within the rules. Its best to have a copy of the documents easily accessible on game day.

Check with your local league to get a copy of the regulations and by-laws that apply to your competition.