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Coles Healthy Kicks

22:20 Mins

Week 7 | Session 3

Cardio & family food time

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Virtual Program Overview

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Every afternoon Monday – Friday at 4pm AEST join us live for a AFL Coles Healthy Kicks health & fitness sesh! Combining foundational footy fitness with creative play, mindfulness & nutrition, the program delivers a holistic & highly entertaining weekly program that will get every body moving. Join in the daily quiz, send us your videos and win giveaways and prize packs.

Watch live on YouTube each weekday at 4pm AEST.

Future Camp Program

AFL Coles Healthy Kicks is launching in 2021 as a live school holiday program. The program is designed to get kids moving and keep them moving with creative play, physical activity and entertainment. The high energy, high impact program combines innovation in football curriculum with the key developmental pillars of physical literacy to provide a holistic and highly entertaining experience for kids. With music, giveaways, player drop ins and mascot madness, Coles Healthy Kicks has something for everyone.

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