Coles Healthy Kicks

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Coles Healthy Kicks Holiday Program

The Coles Healthy Kicks Holiday Program is an incursion based program for ages 6-12 delivered at vacation care sites nationwide.

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Coles Healthy Kicks Program Overview

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Coles Healthy Kicks is a fun and entertaining health and fitness program designed specifically to encourage Australian children aged 6 to 12 years old to embrace healthy cooking, mindfulness and exercise.

Children can watch the Virtual Program on YouTube or register for the Holiday Program which is being delivered at vacation care sites, nationwide. Through delivering engaging, fitness and hands-on fun nutritional sessions, the Coles Healthy Kicks Holiday Program enables a brand-new holiday experience available to school students around the country.

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Future Camp Program

AFL Coles Healthy Kicks is launching in 2021 as a live school holiday program. The program is designed to get kids moving and keep them…

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