Jy Simpkin is one of four fresh faces in the Roos' leadership group. Picture: AFL Photos

NORTH Melbourne has doubled the size of its leadership group, adding four fresh faces under captain Jack Ziebell.

Ben Cunnington, Trent Dumont, Jasper Pittard and youngster Jy Simpkin have been promoted to the eight-man contingent ahead of Rhyce Shaw's first full season in charge. 

Jamie Macmillan has retained his place, while Shaun Higgins has been elevated to vice-captain alongside 2019 deputy Robbie Tarrant.

"I reckon it's a really really good group in terms of its diversity," Roos coach Rhyce Shaw said.

"We've got guys that have been there for a period of time and a great crop of first-timers in Trent, Jy, Ben and Jasper who have all put in some real work to better themselves as players, teammates and people." 

Ziebell, who will captain the Roos for a fourth consecutive season, praised the rise of his teammates.

"Guys like Jy and Trent have really impressed. They've accepted the challenge of stepping up and taking their game to a new level and have done it in an extremely mature manner," Ziebell said.

"They are eager to learn, they demonstrate the values of the club and they are leading by example. 

"Jasper is another one who, only joining the club last year, has embraced what we are about and where we want to go.

"He has an extremely humble nature and adds a lot of value to the club.

"It's also great to see Cunners (Cunnington) recognised. He is an absolute star and will continue to help develop our younger guys."


Simpkin, who will turn 22 this year, becomes the youngest leadership group member at Arden Street since Ziebell was added as a 21-year-old in 2012. 

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