IT ALL started with the idea of the famous pink Simpsons donut on a Carlton jumper.


From there, Luke Moore – a graphic designer and mad St Kilda fan – had an idea. What if he made iconic Simpsons-themed jumpers for all 18 AFL clubs across the country?

Having done design work for a garment manufacturer of AFL jumpers, Moore had the guernsey template up his sleeve. A big Simpsons fan, he also had a few colourful ideas.

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Six weeks of work and one Reddit post later and the jumpers were an instant phenomenon.

"The idea of the donut on the Carlton jumper popped into my head one night," Moore told

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"Being a graphic designer, I just had to see what it would look like. I just kept chipping away at it, knowing we can't go outside.

"It all sort of evolved, but I worked on it on-and-off over about six weeks. Some of them came easier than others, obviously.

 "When an idea struck, I'd write it down and then when I got home I'd work it out and the ideas would evolve a bit more."


There are a number of instantly recognisable images within the jumpers. From the inanimate carbon rod on Port Adelaide's guernsey, to Homer walking into the sun mid-hallucination after eating hot chili peppers on the Gold Coast jumper.

In designing the guernsey of his own team, St Kilda, Moore looked to 'Duff Beer'.

"That one took a while to nut out," he said.

But, as for his favourite jumper, there's a couple that spring to mind: "There's something about Marge's hair being one of the stripes on North Melbourne's jumper.

"That or the Brisbane Stonecutters. The thought of the Lions running through the banner to the Stonecutters song is too funny."