THIS season has already had more twists and turns than Eddie Betts carving though the Geelong defence, so it came as no surprise when our Bombers and Demons received their season averages after the season’s first COVID case was discovered Saturday and their hit out was postponed. Hopefully it’s a long time between drinks before the next diagnosis and we can resume business as… semi usual.

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The 10: Round three's best moments

Watch all the best highlights from an exciting round three

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Fantasy Pig

Lachie Neale was last week’s number-one trade target and he showed why, not only continuing his streak of triple figure scores this year, but setting his new season high at 126. He was everywhere against the Eagles, racking up 32 possessions despite the shortened quarters, with seven tackles and the cherry on top was two goals. He played a mammoth 92 per cent time on ground and doesn’t look like slowing down.

Honourable mention: Steele Sidebottom once again showed his class and hasn’t missed a beat from the start of the season, with an average of 105 over the first three weeks. He put on an absolute clinic against the Saints, finding space and the ball at will on his way to 31 possessions and a goal for an equal round high 126. He has an ownership of just two per cent and is a great unique option given his sensational form.  

Rage Trades

Lachie Whitfield… Have mercy. The Giant’s running machine was already on the chopping block after two disappointing weeks and a plummeting price. Thankfully for most, he was the third most traded-out player, but for coaches like me who reversed his trade and wanted to give him another crack against the Dogs, who he boasts career scores of 102, 109, 114, 89, 114, 109, 129, 131 and 131 for an average of 114 against, it turned into a monumental disaster. Especially for coaches that backed that amazing history with a captaincy nod. He scored just ten points after receiving a concussion in the first quarter which will cause another massive price drop.

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Naughton's hard hit ends star Giant's night

Lachie Whitfield out of the action from this bump by a charging Aaron Naughton

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Honourable mention: Last week people were calling for me to stand down after leaving Luke Shuey out of The Rolling 22. Firstly, if I was to stand down, it would be because my team is pathetic, secondly, have a look at how Shuey went against the Lions, thirdly… as if I would stand down! I’m a good coach , just out of form… haha. Just in case you need a reminder, Shuey had 31 points, not possessions, points. Apology accepted.


The little Piglet was at it again. Matt Rowell absolutely dominated the seasoned Crows midfielders, doing as he pleased on his way to a triple double of sorts with ten kicks, ten handballs and ten tackles while also throwing in a couple of goals for 104. He may be the best kid I’ve ever seen, get used to seeing him in this section.

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Wow, Rowell, the hype is real

Matt Rowell further enhances his highly touted credentials after another stunning performance

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 The top 5

  • Lachie Neale: 126
  • Steele Sidebottom: 126
  • Andrew Gaff: 111
  • Hugh McCluggage: 108
  • Brayden Maynard: 107

Trade Targets

  • Jy Simpkin
  • Lachie Neale
  • Connor Budarick
  • Mark Pittonet
  • Todd Goldstein

Okay legends, that was a tough week, but onward and upward. At this stage I will be trading out Whitfield to Simpkin and looking for another downgrade in order to turn Sam Jacobs into a premium ruck like Goldstein or Max Gawn.

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