IF THERE was one thing learned from round 10, it was holding onto your trades could be the difference between a league win or loss.

There were plenty of changes last round and week three of the condensed fixtures could see even more following some of the injuries during the past week.

Nine per cent of the competition has Adam Treloar in their teams. His hamstring injury will see him out for the next couple of weeks and is a must-trade. The trade options are covered along with strategy to manage the eight games over five days on this week’s episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast with The Traders.

Roy and Warnie chat through all the things Fantasy coaches need to know to stay on top of their Classic and Draft teams throughout the next few days.

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In this week’s episode …

2:00 - Fantasy form watch from round 10.

5:00 - How The Traders scored this week.

9:30 - Warnie has a Jarrod Witts problem.

12:45 - Make sure you are across the rules, lockout times and tips for round 11.

18:00 - Thinking ahead to a normal round 13.

21:40 - Breaking news including the Adam Treloar injury.

25:30 - Max Gawn is playing injured... what should Fantasy coaches do?

29:00 - Who are some options for Treloar?

33:05 - Captain tips sent in by Calvin.

36:25 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

39:20 - Is Alex Witherden a good defensive option?

42:15 - Value options across the lines.

47:05 - Tom Rockliff of Steele Sidebottom? 

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