COLLINGWOOD president Eddie McGuire says he will call Adam Goodes on Saturday to clear up the incorrect assertion that he had labelled the veteran's indigenous war dance on Friday night violent and aggressive.

Goodes was asked at a press conference on Saturday morning if he had heard McGuire's supposed comments on Fox Footy, and the dual Brownlow medallist said he felt sorry McGuire if that was his view.

McGuire responded, telling SEN on Saturday morning he would clarify his position with Goodes, who directed his war cry at Carlton supporters on Friday night after kicking his first goal at the SCG.

While analysing Goodes' celebration post-match on Fox Footy and the fact it was directed at Carlton supporters, McGuire said: "Let's not get silly about the whole situation … it is quite aggressive, let's be honest". 

"To say that I was violently against it or thought it was violent or anything else, is nonsense ... that's just a complete fabrication," McGuire said on Saturday. 

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"I'm not the minister for the opposition of Adam Goodes. I support Adam Goodes in just about every endeavour he's ever had. I'm on Adam Goodes' side.

"We were very, very cautious on the Fox Footy coverage. We analysed it in the context of world sport and whether or not you should be making pseudo or direct political comment during a game of football. That's all it was. 

"I'm deeply offended that anyone would even try and implicate me in any way shape or form of having a different opinion to one that I'd expressed continually."

Swans CEO Andrew Ireland also addressed Goodes' war dance and the reception he was now receiving from opposition supporters.

Talking points: Goodes' war dance sparks controversy

Ireland said the 2014 Australian of the Year was becoming the victim of "racist elements" of AFL crowds.  

"I think what we're seeing is a really complex issue for Australia," Ireland told 3AW.  

"I think it's probably part of a build up that's occurred over the past year or so and I've got no doubt that becoming Australian of the Year really polarised some people and Adam has to deal with that on a day-to-day basis.

"He's a fine Australian, he's really proud. The booing occurs for a wide range of reasons, but I've got no doubt part of it would be some racist elements.

"If another indigenous player had done what Adam did last night, I suspect it wouldn't have been as controversial as it is."

Swans defender Ted Richards said he was excited by Goodes' war cry on Friday night and it had led to an over-reaction.

"If some indigenous players were to do a similar thing today in whatever game they're playing in, or tomorrow, all of a sudden we might have a great tradition," Richards told SEN.  

"(It could be) a celebration, rather than an issue that some people are making it.


"As a teammates of 'Goodesy' and what he did last night, I was very excited and proud to be alongside next to him … the Swans fans loved it."