IS THIS the hidden 'super draft' that nobody is talking about?

The famous 2001 draft class and more recently the 2018 group have been feted for their star factor, but the sleeping giant of the NAB AFL Drafts is the 2014 crop.

Listen to this week's AFL Exchange podcast as the team re-ranks the best players from the 2014 group, which includes Brownlow Medal favourites, club captains, gun defenders, premiership players and some brilliant selections.

Tune in to the latest podcast as co-hosts Cal Twomey, Riley Beveridge and Mitch Cleary discuss all the big footy news out of round 11 – and some of the not so big.

In this episode...

2:00 – Who wins this week's blockbuster – Melbourne or Brisbane?

6:30 – The mid-season stocktake: the guys reveal their Brownlow Medal, premiership and surprise All Australian tips?

10:30 – Who would be leading the NAB AFL Rising Star award right now? The team put forward the best contenders.

16:25 – When will Adelaide be a genuine finals threat again?

21:10 – All the latest whispers and news ahead of the NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft.

25:30 – Cal puts forward an idea to change the trade period in Things That Should Happen.

30:20 – Is this the unheralded 'super draft?' We re-rank the 2014 NAB AFL Draft

33:45 – What song will Luke Beveridge play the Bulldogs this week on his guitar?

37:30 – Hang On A Second

39:00 – We look at the best players to have NEVER been named an All Australian.

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Heeney or Steele? Re-ranking the 2014 draft

AFL Exchange's Riley Beveridge, Cal Twomey and Mitch Cleary look back at the 2014 NAB AFL Draft and rank their top five players to come from the crop

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