IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalist Damian Barrett speaks to Melbourne's Mr Popular Max Gawn about the past and how the Demons have changed.


- When Paul Roos first came to the club 
- How Nathan Jones has changed Melbourne
- THAT PRELIM: To do that was pretty special, but I’ve got to back it up 
- Selfless culture: Clayton is 100 per cent 'the best teammate' according to the defenders
- Jim Stynes literally stood me up in front of a hundred people and said, 'This kid's gonna do things differently'

In this episode ...

0:11 – Max Gawn sits down with Damian Barrett

0:56 – Melbourne's meteoric rise in 2021

3:27 – Gawn on Melbourne's team achievements

5:07 – Melbourne's change in mindset since 2018

6:19 – Max Gawn's outstanding prelim

7:21 – Selfless culture

10:02 – Gawn's development as a player and person

14:15 – Gawn's connection with so many Melbourne people

16:00 – Mitch Cleary on Simon Goodwin's Coach of the Year win, Zach Merrett's B&F, wantaway Swan Jordan Dawson