How do I sign up for AFL StatsPro premium content?

You have to be an AFL Live Pass subscriber to access AFL StatsPro premium content. For more information on how to subscribe to an AFL Live Pass, please visit

Can I access AFL StatsPro premium content if I purchased an in-app subscription? 

Yes. You can now link your AFL Live Pass to access premium content on up to 5 supported devices and the AFL website. We want to make it easier for you to use your details to log onto iOS and Android devices, as well as the AFL website to watch on-demand replays, 24/7 AFL TV and all the AFL StatsPro player highlights videos.

How do I link my AFL Live Pass?

You can link your Live Pass through the AFL Live Official App by following these steps:

1. Open up the AFL Live Official App
2. Click on the Live Pass logo in the top right corner
3. Select AFL Live Pass
4. Tap the ‘Link Your Live Pass’ button on your Manage subscription page

5. Then enter your Login details or Register for a Telstra ID. 

If you need further help with your Telstra ID, browse our online help and support articles or Ask CrowdSupport.

What is my Telstra ID?

A Telstra ID creates a ‘single sign-on' ID for and the AFL Live Official App.

If I’m not an AFL Live Pass subscriber, which AFL StatsPro features do I have access to?

There are a number of free features and content within AFL StatsPro. You will be able to analyse every AFL listed player, based on an enormous amount of metrics, compare them head-to-head, and also sort a player’s statistics by career, season or round. 

Why is my favourite player's video from their last match not available?

Telstra currently holds the AFL Digital Rights, and as part of this agreement, extended match vision will be made available no earlier than 12 hours after the match has completed.

How far back do the player highlights videos go?

Player highlights videos are only available from the 2017 Premiership Season onwards.

Why can’t I see all the features and stats on some iPhone devices and Internet Explorer?

You might encounter rendering and performance issues on some iPhone devices and the Internet Explorer browser, however, we are continually working to try and optimise the experience across all devices and platforms.

Does AFL StatsPro include statistics and video highlights for retired players?

Not as yet, AFL StatsPro offers stats and player video highlights only for AFL listed players.

Does AFL StatsPro include JLT Community Series or second tier (VFL, SANFL, WAFL, etc) stats and vision?

Currently, we only display AFL Premiership Season statistics and match vision (Player highlights videos are only available from the 2017 Premiership Season onwards).