JASMINE Garner has won the AFL Coaches Association AFLW Champion Player of the Year Award for the second time, polling 76 votes across 10 matches.

Garner finished nine votes clear of Richmond's Monique Conti and Geelong's Georgie Prespakis, who tied for second.

The North Melbourne midfielder polled in every game of the season except round 10's draw with Richmond, and was awarded five perfect 10s.


Kangaroos coach Darren Crocker said the award was a fitting reward for Garner's efforts this season.

"Jas is a unique player and as importantly a terrific person, she is such a deserving winner of the coaches award following an outstanding season," Crocker said.

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"We are all lucky to see at close quarters the way she goes about her football and her love for our club."

Jasmine Garner in action for North Melbourne against Geelong in round four, S7. Picture: AFL Photos

AFL Coaches Association CEO Alistair Nicholson congratulated Garner on her award.

"Jasmine has performed to an incredibly high level this season to win her second AFL Coaches Association AFLW Champion Player of the Year Award. To poll five perfect scores and votes in all but one match during the season is an amazing effort off the back of a short lead up to season seven," Nicholson said.

"The coaches have a unique perspective on what succeeds in each of the games which combined with the thought that goes into allocating the votes makes this one of the most prestigious of all the individual Awards. Jasmine should be very proud to receive this Award from the coaches."

FULL S7 AFLCA votes Click here for round-by-round votes, previous winners 

AFLCA Champion Player of the Year final leaderboard

1 Jasmine Garner NMFC - 76 votes
=2 Monique Conti RICH - 67 votes
=2 Georgie Prespakis GEEL - 67 votes
4 Madison Prespakis ESS - 63 votes
5 Amy McDonald GEEL - 60 votes
6 Alyce Parker GWS - 58 votes
7 Charlie Rowbottom GCFC - 57 votes
8 Kiara Bowers FRE - 56 votes
9 Ellie Blackburn WB - 55 votes
10 Ebony Marinoff ADEL - 54 votes

Round 9 coaches' votes

Adelaide v Geelong
8 Georgie Prespakis GEEL
7 Ebony Marinoff ADEL
6 Anne Hatchard ADEL
5 Danielle Ponter ADEL
2 Caitlin Gould ADEL
2 Amy McDonald GEEL

Gold Coast v Carlton
10 Charlie Rowbottom GCFC
8 Kalinda Howarth GCFC
3 Claudia Whitfort GCFC
3 Lucy McEvoy CARL
2 Vivien Saad GCFC
2 Alison Drennan GCFC
1 Courtney Jones GCFC
1 Kerryn Peterson CARL

Collingwood v North Melbourne
10 Jasmine Garner NMFC
6 Ashleigh Riddell NMFC
6 Tahlia Randall NMFC
6 Chloe Molloy COLL
1 Nicole Bresnehan NMFC
1 Mia King NMFC

Sydney v Fremantle
10 Hayley Miller FRE
8 Kiara Bowers FRE
6 Ebony Antonio FRE
2 Megan Kauffman FRE
2 Bella Smith SYD
1 Airlie Runnalls FRE
1 Jessica Low FRE

West Coast v Western Bulldogs
9 Kirsty Lamb WB
6 Emma Swanson WCE
6 Deanna Berry WB
4 Sarah Hartwig WB
3 Celine Moody WB
2 Isabella Lewis WCE

Hawthorn v Brisbane
10 Ally Anderson BL
6 Jesse Tawhiao-Wardlaw BL
4 Catherine Svarc BL
4 Emily Bates BL
3 Orla O'Dwyer BL
2 Jasmine Fleming HAW
1 Lucy Wales HAW

St Kilda v Port Adelaide
10 Erin Phillips PORT
7 Georgia Patrikios STK
5 Hannah Ewings PORT
3 Hannah Priest STK
2 Kate Shierlaw STK
2 Nicola Xenos STK
1 Maria Moloney PORT

Richmond v Greater Western Sydney
10 Monique Conti RICH
8 Grace Egan RICH
3 Alyce Parker GWS
3 Gabby Seymour RICH
3 Ellie McKenzie RICH
2 Jess Hosking RICH
1 Stella Reid RICH

Melbourne v Essendon
10 Karen Paxman MELB
7 Kate Hore MELB
4 Tyla Hanks MELB
3 Shelley Heath MELB
2 Catherine Phillips ESS
2 Madison Prespakis ESS
1 Alyssa Bannan MELB
1 Olivia Purcell MELB

Round 10 coaches' votes

Carlton v Western Bulldogs
10 Ellie Blackburn WB
5 Deanna Berry WB
4 Mimi Hill CARL
4 Elise O'Dea CARL
3 Kerryn Peterson CARL
2 Katie Lynch WB
1 Isabelle Pritchard WB
1 Darcy Vescio CARL

Brisbane v Collingwood
9 Catherine Svarc BL
7 Ally Anderson BL
7 Courtney Hodder BL
4 Natalie Grider BL
2 Jaimee Lambert COLL
1 Breanna Koenen BL

Melbourne v West Coast
9 Kate Hore MELB
6 Libby Birch MELB
5 Olivia Purcell MELB
4 Karen Paxman MELB
2 Lily Mithen MELB
2 Tayla Harris MELB
1 Ella Roberts WCE
1 Tyla Hanks MELB

St Kilda v Adelaide
7 Molly McDonald STK
6 Ebony Marinoff ADEL
5 Chelsea Biddell ADEL
5 Danielle Ponter ADEL
4 Sarah Allan ADEL
2 Anne Hatchard ADEL
1 Georgia Patrikios STK

Geelong v Sydney
10 Amy McDonald GEEL
8 Georgie Prespakis GEEL
4 Kate Darby GEEL
3 Mikayla Bowen GEEL
3 Darcy Moloney GEEL
2 Chloe Scheer GEEL

Fremantle v Hawthorn
9 Kiara Bowers FRE
9 Aine Tighe FRE
6 Matilda Lucas-Rodd HAW
2 Jessica Duffin HAW
2 Ebony Antonio FRE
1 Charlotte Baskaran HAW
1 Aileen Gilroy HAW

Port Adelaide v Essendon
10 Madison Prespakis ESS
5 Daria Bannister ESS
5 Ashleigh Van Loon ESS
5 Abbey Dowrick PORT
3 Jacqui Yorston PORT
2 Erin Phillips PORT

North Melbourne v Richmond
10 Ellie McKenzie RICH
4 Mia King NMFC
4 Ashleigh Riddell NMFC
3 Grace Egan RICH
3 Meg Macdonald RICH
3 Jenna Bruton NMFC
3 Monique Conti RICH

Greater Western Sydney v Gold Coast 
9 Alyce Parker GWS
7 Georgia Garnett GWS
6 Charlie Rowbottom GCFC
4 Tarni Evans GWS
3 Alison Drennan GCFC
1 Jodie Hicks GWS