Emma Kearney leads North Melbourne onto the field ahead of its clash against Carlton in round two, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

FOLLOWING the excitement of the opening round, the weekend saw some considerable margins, with players from the winners list reaping the rewards in the Fantasy realm.

Jasmine Garner and Ash Riddell were instrumental in North Melbourne's 60-point victory over Carlton, registering 42 kicks and 20 tackles between them to score 156 and 151 respectively.

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Charlie Rowbottom and Claudia Whitfort were also dominant as Gold Coast recorded its first win of the year, with the former setting a clearance record of 16 and scoring 144 Fantasy points.

Kiara Bowers made a solid return to prove her worthy of a high price tag while Matilda Scholz, Harriet Cordner and Marianna Anthony continued to reward coaches who backed them in at a low price.

In a Fantasy position that often sees frustrating scores, Kate Hore provided great forward value with a five-goal, 23-disposal outing while Tyla Hanks continued to flourish.

This week, it will be important to keep your eyes peeled on the progress of Isabel Huntington, who has been estimated to return for round three, as she could be an option at her price of $300,000. Paxy Paxman will also be a watch for 22.65 per cent of coaches after succumbing to a low-grade quad strain prior to round two.


1. Harriet Cordner (DEF, $692,000) +$241,000
2. Laura Gardiner (FWD, $999,000) +$212,000
3. Matilda Scholz (RUC, $664,000) +$210,000
4. Marianna Anthony (MID, $716,000) +$193,000
5. Claudia Whitfort (MID, $1,132,000) +$191,000


1. Chelsea Randall (FWD, $912,000) -$165,000
2. Hannah Stuart (MID, $624,000) -$152,000
3. Sarah Hosking (MID, $867,000) -$149,000
4. Courtney Jones (FWD, $487,000) -$148,000
5. Libby Birch (DEF, $501,000) -$146,000 

Chelsea Randall takes a mark during Adelaide's clash against Richmond in round two, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos


1. Sophie Alexander (FWD, $676,000), ownership: 0.62 per cent, round score: 80
2. Jamie Stanton (FWD, $715,000), ownership: 0.61 per cent, round score: 92
3. Mia King (MID, $923,000), ownership: 1.11 per cent, round score: 74
4. Ash Riddell (MID, $1,379,000), ownership: 6.05 per cent, round score: 151
5. Keeley Sherar (MID, $920,000), ownership: 3.55 per cent, round score: 90 


This week is all about ensuring you gain scoring power from your defenders and forwards ­– with high scores more prominent in the midfield, these players will make your squad more well-rounded.

Laura Gardiner (FWD, $999,000)
As a midfielder with forward status, Gardiner is a must have. A game-high seven clearances against arguably one of the strongest midfields in the competition in Geelong to go along with nine tackles and 16 kicks, she is pivotal to the Swans' development – and your Fantasy team's success – this season.

Jasmine Garner (MID, $1,496,000) 
After recovering from checking her price tag, just shuffle the magnets and fit her in. Adding Garner or Riddell will sure up your midfield, but Garner in particular is emerging as the frontrunner due to her tackling prowess.


Keeley Sherar (MID, $920,000)
Battling hard against Riddell and Garner, Sherar is having a classic third-year rise, and I strongly recommend you get on board. Her tackle pressure – recording seven against the Roos – is immense and so far this season she has proven both reliable and consistent.

Harriet Cordner (DEF, $692,000) 
On a hard day for the Blues, Cordner was a shining light with 19 disposals, including 13 kicks and a team-high seven marks to accompany 95 per cent time on ground, she was able to score 94. With high scores proving hard to come by down back so far, it is worth admitting defeat and swallowing your pride if you missed on her early.

Matilda Scholz (RUC, $664,000) 
Similarly to Cordner, Scholz is a must-have before her price rises to even greater heights. She may not be the top-scoring Fantasy ruck, but she is top five and the cheapest of the top 10 rucks at $664,000. Even after rising $364,000, she can still generate enough cash to offer trade value later in the season while also providing reliable scores. 



As the dust settles after two rounds, replacing these players will improve your score and allow you to open up some space in your salary cap.

Emma Kearney (DEF, $875,000)
Kearney is a weapon for North Melbourne, but weapons are not always rewarded in Fantasy. Her average of 69 could be due to the Roos' dominance, but as I mentioned earlier – 10 rounds isn't many and tough decisions need to be made. A swap for Cordner or even the likes of Sarah Lampard or round two returnee Gab Pound could increase your score enough to get a win while saving you valuable cash.

Maddison Gay (DEF, $706,000) 
With an ownership of 20.43 per cent, an average of 49 will see plenty of coaches disappointed. With a price decrease of $141,000 so far, Gay is also a victim of team dominance, but nevertheless, it is worth looking at trading her out for a player with greater scoring capability before her value diminishes further. 

Maddison Gay is tackled by Alana Porter during Melbourne's clash against Collingwood in round one, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

Serene Watson (DEF, $507,000) 
Despite being provided with midfield minutes with her shift to the Saints, Watson has failed to record damaging statistics thus far. She is still finding her feet, but it would be worth considering Madeleine Scanlon as a replacement if you're not willing to wait it out.

Yasmin Duursma (DEF, $383,000) 
Following a score of four, Duursma's price will continue to drop as her breakeven will be raised – even if a comeback eventuates, she should be on the chopping block to avoid a cash bleed. She could be a useful interchange depending on the severity of Amelie Borg's injury and its subsequent effect on Port's defensive line-up.

Ellie Blackburn (MID, $1,061,000)
Fantasy is a game of inches, and at a high price, an average of 77.5 so far is unfortunately enough to put Blackburn on the chopping block. She's still playing well, with 20 disposals and nine clearances, but her kick and tackle counts are low compared to other players around her price tag. I'd recommend a like-for-like price wise in Claudia Whitfort to get more bang for your buck. If not, invest the extra money in a player who will provide M5 scores at an appropriate price. King, Sherar, Hanks and even Marianna Anthony will do the trick.