Caitlin Greiser celebrates with Katie Brennan during Richmond's clash against Carlton in round four, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

AS WE approach the middle of the season (already?), it is time to consider downgrading stars and re-recruiting low-priced bargains to increase your team's growth.

Ebony Marinoff tallied her highest score yet, recording 36 kicks from her impressive haul of 40 disposals for 174, while Jasmine Garner maintains the highest average score and has a three-round average of 143.7.

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Keeley Sherar's score of 84 continued her under-the-radar season, but after a $370,000 rise, her cash generation is coming to an end for now. 

Grace Egan provided 1.68 per cent of coaches great value for money with an impressive 112 points after laying 10 tackles in the Tigers' victory over the Blues.

Kiara Bowers recorded another score below her high standard after succumbing to a knee injury while Brianna Davey's scores have suffered slightly while Brit Bonnici's have improved.

Aurora Smith rewarded the 576 coaches who traded her in last week with a score of 53. At $456,000, she is a great midfield target for those looking to downgrade.


1. Zarlie Goldsworthy (FWD, $860,000) +$178,000
2. Sabrina Frederick (FWD, $851,000) +$147,000
3. Tyanna Smith (MID, $826,000) +$144,000
4. Ebony Marinoff (MID, $1,614,000) +$135,000
5. Elisabeth Georgostathis (MID, $700,000) +$130,000


1. Kiara Bowers (MID, $1,364,000) -$186,000
2. Hayley Miller (MID, $887,000) -$141,000
3. Nicole Bresnehan (DEF, $704,000) -$135,000
4. Sophie Van De Heuvel (MID, $562,000) -$131,000
5. Alison Drennan (MID, $843,000) -$115,000

Kiara Bowers in action during Fremantle's clash against Essendon in round four, 2023. Picture: Getty Images


1. Maria Moloney (MID, $851,000), ownership: 0.48 per cent, round score: 70
2. Eden Zanker (FWD, &773,000), ownership: 1.76 per cent, round score: 97
3. Keeley Sherar (MID, $998,000), ownership: 4.45 per cent, round score: 84
4. Ash Riddell (MID, $1,305,000), ownership: 5.9 per cent, round score: 105
5. Ally Anderson (MID, $1,251,000), ownership: 8.6 per cent, round score: 102


Eden Zanker (FWD, $773,000) 
Since a low of 35 in round two, Zanker has bounced back as the Dees continue their stellar run. With 14 disposals in each of the past two rounds, she has put together scores of 70 and 97, while also tallying five goals across the fortnight.

Zarlie Goldsworthy (FWD, $860,000)
Goldsworthy is only continuing to improve, and having already generated $279,000 for coaches who were keen on her prior to the season, it is now or never if you're looking at trading her in. While her tackle count against a strong Crows side was impressive at 10, her time on ground percentage is even better, sitting at 100 per cent over the past three rounds.

Zarlie Goldsworthy celebrates a goal during Greater Western Sydney's clash against Adelaide in round four, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

Tyanna Smith (MID, $826,000) 
It is a bold call to suggest trading in a player who has already generated over $500,000, but as the rounds tick over and we search for downgrades, she is a great target, averaging 81.3 in the last three rounds and still generating $144,000 this week. Trading out someone like Georgie Prespakis for Smith could cost you 20 points, but save you $200,000 to pick up more than 20 points elsewhere.

Teah Charlton (MID, $900,000)
A key player in one of the competition's best midfield rotations, Charlton continues to improve and has been consistent across the first four rounds. All in all, she has a strong kick-to-handball ratio and averages 7.8 tackles. Another option for a downgrade that is still reliable.

Katie Brennan (FWD, $842,000)
Brennan recorded her highest score this week with a 95 and her price is likely to keep increasing. The Tigers captain's recent form shows she will continue to improve. A high time-on-ground percentage and great kick-to-handball ratio, the games in which she also lays tackles and kicks goals see her score reach greater heights. She is a bit of a POD, too, with an ownership of 3.02 per cent.


Georgia Nanscawen (MID, $705,000)
With a price increase of $405,000 since round one, Nanscawen's cash generation is slowly coming to an end. After producing her lowest score in round four with a 48, it's a good time to consider cashing in her earnings to help you reach your next target … Garner or Laura Gardiner anyone? Maybe Bowers at a low price if she can overcome her injury?

Chloe Molloy (FWD, $947,000)
She is an undeniable star, but in Fantasy terms, trading out Molloy could help improve your team overall. A downgrade to Brennan, for example, may lower your score by about 10 points, but will give you a $100,000 boost. Or, if you've downgraded in your other lines, you could use her as a stepping stone to the likes of Bonnie Toogood.


Georgie Prespakis (MID, $1,280,000)
This one is for those looking for value. Prespakis is still scoring well, but her scores aren't leaving coaches stunned. With a three-round average of 99, you could get ahead of the pack with a straight swap to Ash Riddell or Ally Anderson to increase scoring and make your team unique. Claudia Whitfort is also a POD who could save you money while still averaging similar.

Maddy Brancatisano (FWD, $511,000)
Brancatisano has been impactful for her new side, but is averaging only 45 points in the Fantasy realm. She has rewarded the 7.44 per cent of coaches who selected her in their sides – generating $211,000 – but she saw an increase of only $17,000 this week and will plateau as she continues to record scores around the 50 mark.

Paxy Paxman (FWD, $890,000)
Paxman is still averaging a solid 71.3, but after decreasing in value by $163,000 so far, I wouldn't want to risk losing any more money. Now is the time to invest in a downgrade at her expense to turn your cash losses into gains.


While coaches who have kept Bowers will sweat on the severity of her knee injury, those who have benefited from Harriet Cordner's services will have to weigh up whether her score of 24 and subsequent price drop is worth holding. Deanna Berry should be considered in your team if she can back up her round four performance while Keeley Skepper is shaping to be a solid forward option.


If you are looking to downgrade high-priced underperformers or rookies who have reached the end of their cash generation, Sofia Hurley is a great option as she continues to improve while Vivien Saad did enough to increase her value and hopefully keep her spot. Stella Reid should keep her spot and may be a good bench option while Jess Hosking recovers from an ankle complaint.