Zarlie Goldsworthy celebrates during the round eight AFLW match between Greater Western Sydney and Carlton at Henson Park, October 21, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

LAST week saw instability in the backline once again, while up-and-coming midfielders came to the fore. It is one young star, though, who continues to pay dividends for coaches who selected her in their side.

Zarlie Goldsworthy's score of 168 was the highest for round eight as she continues to improve, increasing her worth by $699,000 across this season.

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Mon Conti wasn't too far behind after recording her highest kick count of the season (21) to produce a score of 146 while Breann Moody took advantage of Jess Good's absence, scoring 135. She also registered her highest number of kicks this season (16) to accompany 46 hitouts.

Mia King's score of 104 – which came off the back of her tackle pressure – beat out Jasmine Garner and Ash Riddell to top score for North Melbourne, proving how handy it is to own at least one player from the Kangaroos' formidable midfield rotation. 

Georgia Nanscawen and Keeley Sherar were among the surprise packets, both scoring 122.

If they haven't already, coaches will need to replace popular ruck Ally Morphett after she was ruled out for the season.


1. Zarlie Goldsworthy (FWD, $1,280,000) + $242,000
2. Chloe Molloy (FWD, $1,012,000) + $200,000
3. Georgia Nanscawen (MID, $1,093,000) + $170,000
4. Blaithin Mackin (FWD, $728,000) + $137,000
5. Nell Morris-Dalton (FWD, $465,000) + $135,000


1. Hannah Priest (DEF, $654,000) - $192,000
2. Kiara Bowers (MID, $1,191,000) - $173,000
3. Olivia Fuller (RUC, $561,000) - $160,000
4. Anne Hatchard (MID, $1,196,000) - $144,000
5. Isabella Grant (DEF, $502,000) - $139,000

Kiara Bowers takes a mark during Walyalup's clash against St Kilda in round eight, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos


1. Maria Moloney (MID, $825,000), ownership: 0.52 per cent, round score: 101
2. Haneen Zreika (FWD, $887,000), ownership: 0.83 per cent, round score: 90
3. Kirsty Lamb (MID, $1,050,000), ownership: 1.1 per cent, round score: 108
4. Tyla Hanks (MID, $1,041,000), ownership: 1.75 per cent, round score: 113
5. Mia King (MID, $1,072,000), ownership: 1.94 per cent, round score: 104


Tyla Hanks (MID, $1,041,000)

If you don't quite have the money for Ebony Marinoff or Garner, but still have cash to splash, Hanks is a great upgrade option. She has been largely consistent all season among a talented side, averaging 85.4, but has improved in recent weeks to produce a three-round average of 91.3. Owned by only 1.75 per cent of coaches, her consistent scoring could get you over the line in your round nine match-up and beyond.


Maria Moloney (MID, $825,000)

Moloney's round eight score of 101 was her highest of the season, coming off the back of 14 tackles. Her kick-to-handball ratio has been consistently good, and at a decent price point, she is the perfect player to round out your midfield mix. She averages 71.6, but her performance last week proved that she's capable of popping up for an important score.

Charlotte Thomas (DEF, $985,000)

Based on averages across the last three rounds, Thomas remains the best Fantasy defender heading into this week despite a score of 65 in round eight. West Coast's match-up against the Western Bulldogs may see her scoring stay on the lower side for one more week, but she is bound to score well against Adelaide in the final round. She is a must-have in your backline, a position which has seen inconsistent scoring all year.

Blaithin Mackin (FWD, $738,000)

Similarly to targeting Hanks, Mackin will provide your team with consistency. If you're looking to trade in a forward who will produce a solid score, she is the perfect option. Her average of 68 across the last three weeks – and season high score of 89 in round eight – paints her as a predictable and reliable scorer. It's an added bonus that she plays close to the ball. 

Emma Swanson (MID, $1,006,000)

Swanson was back to her best against Essendon, notably laying 12 tackles. Her kick-to-handball ratio isn't as strong as the likes of Marinoff, but with 94 per cent time on ground, she is guaranteed to leave it all out there. She has decreased in price by $261,000 this season, so if she can build off of her round eight efforts she could easily bolster your Fantasy score at a forgiving price point.

Emma Swanson in action during West Coast's clash against Essendon in round eight, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

If you can …

Zarlie Goldsworthy (FWD, 1,280,000)

She should be your main upgrade target. Playing 100 per cent game time and recording 18 kicks and 12 tackles to accompany five goals in round eight, she continues to get better as the year progresses. If you don't have her in your side, you'll be missing out.


Ally Morphett (RUC, $1,018,000) 

Morphett has been a Fantasy mainstay, but with her injury ruling her out for the remainder of the season, you'll need to move her on. Breann Moody dominated with a score of 135 last week in the absence of Jess Good, while downgrading to Steph Wales or Mim Strom will grant you a slight cash injection without losing many points.

Alana Gee (MID, $448,000)  

Gee has continued to generate cash while being a stepping stone player or solid bench rotation, however, her low game time continues to affect her scoring power. With only five disposals and no tackles in round eight, now is a good time to downgrade her to a lower priced mid, perhaps a bottom-priced player like Paris McCarthy or Dayna Finn if you will use them as bench coverage, but Abbygail Bushby or Kodi Jacques may generate more cash.

Nicola Barr (FWD, $885,000)

Barr should lift against Gold Coast, but scores of 65 and 54 following her immense 103 in round six have put her on the chopping block. She had a nice kick-to-handball ratio and laid seven tackles against Carlton, but didn't find enough of the ball. She remains priced well for now and could be used as a stepping stone to secure Goldsworthy, Bonnie Toogood or Kate Hore.

Keeley Sherar tackles Nicola Barr during Carlton's clash against Greater Western Sydney in round eight, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

Hannah Priest (DEF, $654,00)

Following a score of 120 in round five, she looked set for a more influential role for the Saints. However, she has averaged 42 across the last three rounds. You'll need some spare cash in order to make a worthwhile upgrade, but Erika O'Shea is not too out of reach, nor is Vivien Saad. 

Claudia Gunjaca (DEF, $507,000)

Similarly to Priest, Gunjaca reached great heights of 80 and 72 in the middle of the season, but only sits at a three-round average of 39.3. Her biggest scores came when she was able to find – and kick ­ the ball, but with nine disposals in both rounds seven and eight, it could be time to move her on. Every point counts at this time of year. Consider Jenna Richardson or Amy Smith at a similar price point.


Despite her impact on the game, Ella Roberts only managed a score of 47 – favouring handballs and lacking in tackles – while Eilish Sheerin didn't find the ball at her usual rate. I expect these players to bounce back, and based on their consistency this year, they are worth holding onto for now.

Eilish Sheerin in action during the match between Hawthorn and Richmond at Cazaly's Stadium in round eight, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

Kiara Bowers made a solid return with a score of 83, comprising 13 kicks and seven tackles, which is enough to consider keeping her around if you're among the 33.84 per cent of coaches who have stuck by her this year.


Plenty of players starred in the Fantasy realm in round eight, but here are four players to keep your eye on for this week's inclusions.

Keeley Sherar (MID, $1,116,000) laid twelve tackles, registered 13 kicks and one goal in round eight as she continues to improve – a clear POD with only 4.67 per cent ownership.

Sarah Hosking (MID, $634,000) produced her best score of the year after finding plenty of the footy and laying eight tackles – a downgrade option who proved her Fantasy worth last season.

Anne Hatchard (MID, $1,196,000) recorded a lower-than-usual kick and tackle count and she is bound to bounce back and should be instrumental if the Crows are to beat the Roos.

Ally Anderson (MID, $1,188,000) has had a good Fantasy year, just without the huge scores. She has the potential to be a gamechanger for your side due to her consistency.


If all you need is one big score to beat your opponent this week, look no further than Jacqui Dupuy, Montana Ham or Kirsty Lamb. All three of these players have the capacity to go big this week, and all three find themselves owned by less than 2.5 per cent of coaches.