Sabrina Frederick celebrates with team mates after kicking a goal during the match between Sydney and Collingwood at Henson Park in round nine, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

AS THE final week of Fantasy approaches, it is more important now than ever to maximise your bang for buck, lock in star players and make those final trades to ensure success - every point counts!

Looking back at round nine, Jasmine Garner once again led the way with a score of 134 - bouncing back from last week's season low to record 23 kicks and two goals.

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Ebony Marinoff was not far behind as she tussled with Garner's formidable midfield group, also recording 23 kicks and laying nine tackles. Ellie Blackburn also scored 133 as her 24 kicks and nine marks lifted her team to its first win.

Ash Riddell, Jenna Bruton and Mia King scored 127, 102 and 100 respectively, proving the importance of having any of the Kangaroos midfielders in your side.

Kiara Bowers (127) and Matilda Scholz (114) were back to their best, with the former looking ready to seal your team a finals win.

Kiara Bowers in action during the R9 clash between Fremantle and Melbourne at Casey Fields on October 28, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

Zarlie Goldsworthy was able to record a score of 91 despite no major scores, while Laura Gardiner's score of 114 cemented her spot as the top-averaging Fantasy forward - now could be your last chance to field her as a forward, with a position change imminent for the next Fantasy season.

Young guns Ella Roberts (102), Sofia Hurley (101) and Ella Heads (77) also did enough to demand a spot in your finished Fantasy side and cemented themselves as genuine Fantasy contenders for next season.

Unfortunately, Charlie Rowbottom and Ruby Schleicher have been ruled out with injury, beckoning a forced trade.


1. Megan Fitzsimon (MID, $594,000) + $145,000
2. Matilda Scholz (RUC, $944,000) + $138,000
3. Emma Swanson (MID, $1.1M) + $125,000
4. Beth Lynch (DEF, $568,000) + $125,000
5. Sofia Hurley (MID, $1M) + $125,000


1. Gabrielle Seymour (RUC, $687,000) - $170,000
2. Hannah Priest (DEF, $510,000) - $144,000
3. Amber Clarke (FWD, $375,000) - $131,000
4. Nina Morrison (FWD, $792,000) - $123,000
5. Jae Flynn (MID, $370,000) - $121,000


1. Ally Dallaway (MID, $715,000), ownership: 0.6 per cent, round score: 85
2. Isabel Lewis (MID, $826,000), ownership: 0.79 per cent, round score: 77
3. Eliza West (MID, $897,000), ownership: 0.96 per cent, round score: 96
4. Sofia Hurley (MID, $1M), ownership: 1.31 per cent, round score: 101
5. Eliza McNamara (MID, $877,000), ownership: 1.51 per cent, round score: 94


Kiara Bowers (MID, $1.2M)

Despite an injury-interrupted season, Bowers was back to her Fantasy best against the Demons, registering 19 kicks and laying 13 tackles. Priced at $1.2M following a $505,000 price drop across the season, she is very gettable and could hold the key to your finals win. 

Sofia Hurley (MID, $1M) 

Hurley sits on an average of 71.6, but maintains a three-round average of 90.3 - showing her progression over the season. Her last two weeks have seen scores of 109 and 101 respectively, recording over 10 kicks on both occasions as well as eight tackles and two goals. Her goalkicking remains the key to her cracking into the hundreds, and she could easily hit the scoreboard against Fremantle. 

Sofia Hurley celebrates a goal during the R9 clash between Sydney and Collingwood at Henson Park on October 29, 2023. Picture: Getty Images/AFL Photos

Emma Swanson (MID, $1.1M)

Swanson's past two weeks have been immense, with all of her Fantasy metrics - specifically her kicks, tackles and marks  - increasing greatly. Her leadership has shone, and as she leads by example she may enhance your midfield's scoring power enough to bring you the win - all at a lower price point.

Sabrina Frederick (FWD, $1.1M)

Frederick has flourished in her ruck role, allowing her to impact around the ground. This has resulted in an increase in her scoring capacity and the last three weeks have seen her add consistency. Scores of 95, 94 and 103 - based on high kick and hitout numbers - have seen her become a reliable Fantasy forward option. With 4.11 per cent ownership, she will be an asset to your final week.

Paige Trudgeon (DEF, $382,000) 

No risk, no reward. Trudgeon has featured in the Blues' past two games, scoring 57 in round nine. At her price point, she could facilitate a downgrade to ensure you can reach a premium player, while still recording a decent score. If you haven't downgraded your bench, you could also trade her in in this capacity.


Hannah Priest (DEF, $510,000)

If you're one of the 10 per cent of coaches who still has Priest, it's time to part ways. Following a $336,000 price drop over the season, she is now worth only $510,000 - but a downgrade to a player like Trudgeon could allow you to turn Priest into a premium - or even a high-scoring mid-priced player. 

Georgia Nanscawen (MID, $1.1M)

Nanscawen has been a Fantasy star and has been the biggest riser of the season - generating $843,000. Those who kept her for the whole season have been rewarded, but with one more week to play, trading her out could allow you to bring in the likes of Bowers and solidify your team.

Georgia Nanscawen kicks the ball during the R9 match between Essendon and Carlton at Windy Hill on October 28, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

Jordyn Allen (DEF, $631,000)

It hasn't been Allen's best Fantasy year, averaging only 51.9 points, yet she remains in the side of 28.12 per cent of coaches. Scoring 35 in round nine, trading out Allen for a low-priced replacement - or even someone like Amy Smith who sits at a similar price - could unlock the extra points necessary for a win this week.

Bri Davey (MID, $1.1M)

Davey's season eight return has been integral for the Pies, but following her score of 122 in round seven against her former side, she has recorded scores of only 88 and 70. With counterparts in her price range breaking the hundreds, even a straight swap could see you maximise your output in the final week. 

Charlie Rowbottom (MID, $1.3M)

With a current average of 113, Rowbottom has had a stellar year in Fantasy. However, after being ruled out of the final round, she will need replacing. Luckily, she is owned by a quarter of coaches, so if you're needing to replace her, you won't be alone. You could aim high, using her as a stepping stone to the seemingly unreachable Garner or Marinoff, or you could save some cash to use elsewhere by swapping in Bowers.



As the final week approaches, let's take a look at the top targets across each line (excluding bench options) … how close is your team to the finished product? 

D: Angelique Stannett, Eilish Sheerin, Emma Kearney, Charlotte Thomas, Chantel Emonson

M: Ebony Marinoff, Jasmine Garner, Charlie Rowbottom, Ash Riddell, Kiara Bowers

R: Breann Moody, Mim Strom 

F: Laura Gardiner, Bonnie Toogood, Kate Hore, Zarlie Goldsworthy, Nina Morrison  

*Based on season averages