Eliza West, Alyce Parker and Ruby Schleicher. Pictures: AFL Photos, Twitter

WITH attention now turned to the 2024 season and most club lists settled, coaches will be focused on what their best combination now looks like.

It's an early call, but with draftees now donning club colours and some important players shifting clubs, what does each side's predicted best 21 for the year look like?

B: Sarah Allan, Zoe Prowse
HB: Sarah Goodwin, Chelsea Biddell, Kiera Mueller
C: Stevie-Lee Thompson, Danielle Ponter, Niamh Kelly
HF: Chelsea Randall, Eloise Jones, Jess Waterhouse
F: Caitlin Gould, Teah Charlton
FOLL: Jess Allan, Ebony Marinoff, Anne Hatchard
I/C: Abbie Ballard*, Rachelle Martin, Maddi Newman, Hannah Munyard, Brooke Tonon
*ACL injury

Depth: Najwa Allen, Brooke Boileau, Amy Boyle-Carr, Tamara Henry, Keeley Kustermann, Taylah Levy, Brooke Smith, Lily Tarlinton, Deni Varnhagen

The Crows likely go into the 2024 season with few changes. Above all, some positional changes or hybrid roles may be on the cards. Depending on how Chelsea Randall is used, an opportunity for Taylah Levy or Keeley Kustermann may be created in that midfield/forward rotation. Meanwhile, an ACL injury to emerging midfielder Abbie Ballard late last season may be the opening that will allow draftee Brooke Boileau to be blooded early. Jess Waterhouse did enough last season to sure up their place in the forward line, with Caitlin Gould remaining the key spearhead for the side.

Brooke Boileau runs the 2km time trial during the 2023 AFLW Draft Combine at Bridgestone Athletics Track on October 14, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

B: Jennifer Dunne, Poppy Boltz
HB: Nat Grider, Bre Koenen, Shannon Campbell
C: Sophie Conway, Cathy Svarc, Orla O'Dwyer
HF: Courtney Hodder, Dakota Davidson, Charlie Mullins
F: Taylor Smith, Lily Postlethwaite
FOLL: Tahlia Hickie, Ally Anderson, Isabelle Dawes
I/C: Kate Lutkins, Jade Ellenger, Ellie Hampson, Rania Crozier, Shanae Davison

Depth: Jacinta Baldwick, Eleanor Hartill, Dee Heslop, Evie Long, Sophie Peters, Jade Pregelj, Ruby Svarc, Indiana Williams, Luka Yoshida-Martin

With the re-established versatility of Breanna Koenen and Shannon Campbell, the expected return of Kate Lutkins and development of Jennifer Dunne and Poppy Boltz offers the side more flexibility in-game, with defensive coverage should a pinch-hitting move be required. This is particularly beneficial given Phoebe Monahan's retirement. Draftee Rania Crozier and former Eagle Shanae Davison both add more depth in attack, as will the return of Luka Yoshida-Martin, while Davison can also be used on other lines when needed. The Lions have been reluctant to blood young players early unless absolutely required, so we may need to wait to see the likes of Jacinta Baldwick, Evie Long, and Sophie Peters.

Kate Lutkins during a Brisbane training session at the Springfield Central Sports Complex on November 15, 2022. Picture: Getty Images

B: Harriet Cordner, Genevieve Lawson-Tavan
HB: Gab Pound, Kerryn Peterson, Amelia Velardo
C: Brooke Vickers, Keeley Sherar, Keeley Skepper
HF: Darcy Vescio, Breann Moody, Erone Fitzpatrick*
F: Mia Austin, Lila Keck
FOLL: Jess Good, Mimi Hill, Abbie McKay
I/C: Celine Moody, Jess Dal Pos, Maddy Guerin, Marianna Anthony, Dayna Finn
*ACL injury

Depth: Lulu Beatty, Tarni Brown, Yasmin Duursma, Ciara Fitzgerald, Lily Goss, Madeline Hendrie, Taylor Ortlepp, Tahlia Read, Meg Robertson

Given the youth of Carlton's list, and the number of hybrid players it boasts, this is a tricky one to call. Dayna Finn could easily be swapped out for Yasmin Duursma, so too Lily Goss for Marianna Anthony. Goss' ability to hit the scoreboard has her edging out Anthony, but it is a close-run thing, while Finn's skill development through her first season makes her tough to omit. Erone Fitzpatrick's round 10 ACL injury makes her availability uncertain, with her spot Tarni Brown's for the taking, meanwhile Gen Lawson-Tavan and Ciara Fitzgerald will likely battle it out for a key defensive slot alongside Harriet Cordner. Maddy Guerin's return will be a welcome sight for the Blues, further deepening the midfield depth, and her neat ball use will be an important addition to the side.

B: Selena Karlson, Stacey Livingstone
HB: Ruby Schleicher, Jordy Allen, Lauren Butler
C: Sarah Rowe, Brit Bonnici, Tarni White
HF: Eliza James, Eleri Morris, Kalinda Howarth
F: Nell Morris-Dalton, Grace Campbell
FOLL: Sabrina Frederick, Bri Davey, Mikala Cann
I/C: Aisling Sheridan, Georgia Clark, Mikayla Hyde, Alana Porter, Sarah Sansonetti

Depth: Murieann Atkinson, Imogen Barnett, Charlotte Blair, Lauren Brazzale, Lucille Cronin, Erica Fowler, Annie Lee, Amber Schutte, Charlotte Taylor

With so many changes over the last 12 months at Collingwood, right up to the head coach, it's reasonable to expect some significant change on-field. Depending on her development, draftee Lucille Cronin may force veteran Stacey Livingstone out of the side by the end of the season, while returning Jordyn Allen to defence will help to settle the line, as will full fitness from Ruby Schleicher and Lauren Butler. Allen has the ability to play a backline role that, even when pushing up to the contest, adds defensive coverage and rebounding ability. Recently drafted Georgia Clark has great potential to further build a damaging attack alongside Nell Morris-Dalton, Eleri Morris, and former Sun Kalinda Howarth.

Lucille Cronin completes the 2km time trial during the 2023 Victoria AFL State Combine at Margaret Court Arena on October 8, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

B: Georgia Clarke, Ellyse Gamble
HB: Brooke Brown, Maddi Gay, Sophie Van De Heuvel
C: Elizabeth Keaney, Steph Cain, Amber Clarke
HF: Paige Scott, Bonnie Toogood, Georgia Gee
F: Daria Bannister*, Sophie Alexander
FOLL: Steph Wales, Maddy Prespakis, Georgia Nanscawen
I/C: Amelia Radford, Brooke Walker, Jacqui Vogt, Cat Phillips, Mia Van Dyke
*ACL injury

Depth: Chloe Adams, Mia Busch, Matilda Dyke, Amy Gaylor, Emily Gough, Kodi Jacques, Ashleigh Van Loon, Lily-Rose Williamson

There will be a real fight for those fringe midfield/wing slots at the Bombers this year, especially with the recruitment of Bess Keaney and return of Cat Phillips from pregnancy. Young gun Amy Gaylor, tough nut Kodi Jacques, and Mia Busch all have potential to push into the best side. Daria Bannister's ACL injury last season may create an opportunity for someone like Gaylor to have an impact up forward. Former Demon Maddison Gay may be used to provide a calm head in defence, but can play across all lines to add to the list's versatility.

B: Emma O'Driscoll, Madeleine Scanlon
HB: Jess Low, Laura Pugh, Philipa Seth
C: Ebony Antonio, Aisling McCarthy, Orlagh Lally
HF: Gabby O'Sullivan, Hayley Miller, Ange Stannett
F: Aine Tighe, Gabby Newton
FOLL: Mim Strom, Kiara Bowers, Dana East
I/C: Mikayla Morrison, Megan Kauffman, Ash Brazill, Sarah Verrier, Joanne Cregg

Depth: Jae Flynn, Serena Gibbs, Ariana Hetherington, Holly Ifould, Tahleah Mulder, Amy Mulholland, Airlie Runnalls, Tara Stribley, Makaela Tuhakaraina

Throughout the off-season the Dockers did plenty to bolster its attacking line, bringing in hybrid midfielder/forward Gabby Newton, utility Ash Brazill, and midfielder Aisling McCarthy to allow Hayley Miller more role freedom. In addition, Mikayla Morrison is on the way back from a second ACL injury in as many seasons. Coach Lisa Webb will also enjoy flexibility in the midfield/forward position, with Miller just one option to rotate between the lines. Gabby O'Sullivan and Ange Stannett did so with aplomb last season, while Orlagh Lally, Newton, and Megan Kauffman can also provide that versatility.

Gabby O’Sullivan handpasses the ball during the match between Walyalup and St Kilda at Fremantle Oval in round eight, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

B: Meghan McDonald, Claudia Gunjaca
HB: Georgie Rankin, Rebecca Webster, Chantel Emonson
C: Mikayla Bowen, Nina Morrison, Zali Friswell
HF: Kate Surman, Aishling Moloney, Darcy Moloney
F: Chloe Scheer, Jackie Parry
FOLL: Erin Hoare, Amy McDonald, Georgie Prespakis
I/C: Kate Darby, Rachel Kearns, Shelley Scott, Bryde O'Rourke, Julia Crockett-Grills

Depth: Melissa Bragg, Gabbi Featherston, Olivia Fuller, Anna-Rose Kennedy, Chantal Mason, Abbey McDonald, Brooke Plummer, Bella Smith

Note: Geelong has one list spot left to fill

For midfield depth former Lion Bella Smith and Brooke Plummer will certainly challenge Julia Crockett-Grills and father-daughter draftee Bryde O'Rourke in the side, with the latter two only making it into the 21 for the sake of experience and size respectively. Liv Fuller is likely to be developed into a defensive role, particularly with the departure of Annabel Johnson, but given how settled the backline was late last season with Johnson out injured, Fuller will need to fight for a place in the side.

Amy McDonald handballs during the elimination final between Geelong and Essendon at GMHBA Stadium on November 12, 2023. Picture: Getty Images via AFL Photos

B: Vivien Saad, Charlotte Wilson
HB: Meara Girvan, Katie Lynch, Daisy D'Arcy
C: Niamh McLaughlin, Claudia Whitfort, Sienna McMullen
HF: Alana Gee, Jacqui Dupuy, Jordan Membrey
F: Tara Bohanna, Jamie Stanton
FOLL: Lauren Bella, Charlie Rowbottom, Lucy Single
I/C: Maddy Brancatisano, Georgia Clayden, Darcie Davies, Elise Barwick, Ella Smith

Depth: Kiara Bischa, Ashanti Bush, Clara Fitzpatrick, Keely Fullerton, Annabel Kievit, Ella Maurer, Cara McCrossan, Taya Oliver, Wallis Randell

Similar to Essendon, those on the fringes of the midfield/wing will need to add another string to their bow to differentiate themselves. The likes of Alana Gee, Ella Smith, Ella Maurer, Maddy Brancatisano, Elise Barwick, Sienna McMullen and Keely Fullerton will be battling one another for a handful of spots. The ability to hit the scoreboard, or provide balance for the contested ball winning midfield will certainly have them ahead in calculations. The backline has also been bolstered with the recruitment of Katie Lynch and Charlotte Wilson, leaving an option to test Georgia Clayden elsewhere, likely forward given her effective pinch-hitting in attack late last season.

Alana Gee during Gold Coast's training session at Austworld Centre Oval on November 7, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

B: Pepa Randall, Katherine Smith
HB: Tarni Evans, Jas Grierson, Cambridge McCormick
C: Madison Brazendale, Emily Pease, Chloe Dalton
HF: Zarlie Goldsworthy, Georgia Garnett, Mikayla Pauga
F: Isabel Huntington, Jess Doyle
FOLL: Fleur Davies, Alyce Parker, Rebecca Beeson
I/C: Kaitlyn Srhoj, Haneen Zreika, Alicia Eva, Nicola Barr, Brodee Mowbray*
*ACL injury

Depth: Annise Bradfield, Meghan Gaffney, Indigo Linde, Caitlin Miller, Courtney Murphy, Aliesha Newman, Claire Ransom, Daisy Walker

Note: Greater Western Sydney has one list spot left to fill

Given the turnover of nearly a third of the Giants' list heading into the 2024 season, it will no doubt take some time for the club to find its best combination. No doubt Alyce Parker and Zarlie Goldsworthy will continue their midfield/forward rotation that proved successful last year, with Emily Pease a genuine chance to add to that mix. Depending on how Indigo Linde develops, she may be a chance to push Cambridge McCormick out of a key defensive role, while Courtney Murphy might be needed to add height in attack. Brodee Mowbray, on the way back from an ACL injury, will likely provide a small forward position for either Caitlin Miller or Aliesha Newman early in the season.

Zarlie Goldsworthy celebrates a goal during GWS' clash with West Coast in round six, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

B: Mackenzie Eardley, Jenna Richardson
HB: Laura Stone, Laura Elliott, Aileen Gilroy
C: Kaitlyn Ashmore, Eliza West, Casey Sherriff
HF: Aine McDonagh, Kristy Stratton, Jess Vukic
F: Bridie Hipwell, Greta Bodey
FOLL: Lucy Wales, Emily Bates, Jas Fleming
I/C: Tilly Lucas-Rodd, Charlotte Baskaran, Mikayla Williamson, Emily Everist, Sophie Locke

Depth: Mattea Breed, Sophie Butterworth, Bridget Deed, Casey Dumont, Tahlia Fellows, Ainsley Kemp, Hayley McLaughlin, Tamara Smith, Louise Stephenson

The addition of both young gun Laura Stone and premiership midfielder Eliza West likely pushes Tamara Smith out of both the backline and midfield, and moves Ainslie Kemp down the selection order. Jess Vukic adds another forward marking target to assist in Bridie Hipwell's development, while also able to support Lucy Wales in the ruck, with that ruck ability making her a more attractive first choice over Sophie Butterworth. Meanwhile Casey Sherriff's run will be best used on the wing complementing Kaitlyn Ashmore, but can also effectively be used in a forward role.

B: Tahlia Gillard, Gab Colvin
HB: Sarah Lampard, Sinead Goldrick, Shelley Heath
C: Eliza McNamara, Blaithin Mackin, Lily Mithen
HF: Alyssa Bannan, Kate Hore, Paxy Paxman
F: Eden Zanker, Tayla Harris
FOLL: Lauren Pearce, Tyla Hanks, Olivia Purcell
I/C: Alyssia Pisano, Aimee Mackin, Maeve Chaplin, Megan Fitzsimon, Lily Johnson

Depth: Georgia Campbell, Georgia Gall, Grace Hill, Delany Madigan, Jemma Rigoni, Saraid Taylor, Rhiannon Watt, Ryleigh Wotherspoon

Inactive: Jacinta Hose

Note: Melbourne has one list spot left to fill

After Melbourne bid goodbye to eight players over the player movement period, including four who were part of the club's season seven premiership, expect a bit of change on-field in 2024. Lily Johnson's run will help to cover the loss of Casey Sherriff in attack, while Alyssia Pisano's footy IQ at ground level will be dangerous at the feet of players like Eden Zanker, Tayla Harris and Kate Hore. In defence, Grace Hill provides tall coverage, and will no doubt be vying for Gab Colvin's position alongside Tahlia Gillard, while Sarah Lampard, Sinead Goldrick, and Shelley Heath will continue to provide the aggressive rebounding run the Demons so love.

Alyssia Pisano is presented her jumper by Kate Hore during the AFLW Draft on December 18, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

B: Jas Ferguson, Sarah Wright
HB: Emma Kearney, Libby Birch, Erika O'Shea
C: Taylah Gatt, Mia King, Lulu Pullar
HF: Jenna Bruton, Kate Shierlaw, Alice O'Loughlin
F: Emma King, Tahlia Randall
FOLL: Kim Rennie, Jas Garner, Ash Riddell
I/C: Isabella Eddey, Nicole Bresnehan, Amy Smith, Vikki Wall, Niamh Martin

Depth: Lucy Burke, Tess Craven, Elizabeth McGrath, Zoe Savarirayan, Eliza Shannon, Ella Slocombe, Georgia Stubs, Ruby Tripodi

Note: North Melbourne has one list spot left to fill

The assumption that Vikki Wall will return to AFLW this year will see her slot back into North Melbourne's attack, while the recruitment of dual premiership player Libby Birch unfortunately squeezes Eliza Shannon out of the backline. Tess Craven will be unlucky to miss out, despite a strong finals series, given the impact of Taylah Gatt and Lulu Pullar, while both Bella Eddey and Jenna Bruton can also reliably play the role. Ruby Tripodi and Zoe Savarirayan offer forward depth, while draftee Ella Slocombe is likely to need a strong forward presence if she is to break into the side, given the strength of the Kangaroos' midfield.

Vikki Wall celebrates a goal during North Melbourne's clash against Collingwood in round nine, S7, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

B: Janelle Cuthbertson, Amelie Borg
HB: Ebony O'Dea, Alex Ballard, Cheyenne Hammond
C: Ange Foley, Shinea Goody, Ella Boag
HF: Gemma Houghton, Lauren Young, Hannah Ewings
F: Julia Teakle, Ash Saint
FOLL: Matilda Scholz, Abbey Dowrick, Kirsty Lamb
I/C: Indy Tahau*, Molly Brooksby, Justine Mules, Piper Window, Maria Moloney
*ACL injury

Depth: Alissa Brook, Hannah Dunn, Georgia Jaques, Maddy Keryk, Olivia Levicki, Katelyn Pope, Jasmine Simmons, Jasmin Stewart, Sachi Syme

Over the last two seasons, Port Adelaide has stocked up on tall forward options making the need for balance all-important. Julia Teakle, Gemma Houghton and prodigious teenager Lauren Young appear to be the first-choice tall options, with Ash Saint and Hannah Ewings best placed to be the mid-sized/smaller presence. With Indy Tahau expected to continue her attacking role when fit to return from her ACL injury, Jasmine Simmons is the likely selection until Tahau becomes available. Sachi Syme will be fighting Cheyenne Hammond for that rebounding defensive role, especially now with smooth moving Molly Brooksby at the club, but Hammond just edges her out thanks to her elite endurance. Meanwhile the hyper physical midfield support for Abbey Dowrick and recruit Shineah Goody likely lands with Kirsty Lamb and Maria Moloney, pushing out Hannah Dunn and Jasmin Stewart.

Shineah Goody, Lauren Young and Molly Brooksby during the 2023 AFLW Draft at Marvel Stadium on December 18, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

B: Rebbeca Miller, Libby Graham
HB: Eilish Sheerin, Gabby Seymour, Maddie Shevlin
C: Tessa Lavey, Ellie McKenzie, Kate Dempsey
HF: Courtney Jones, Katie Brennan, Stella Reid
F: Caitlin Greiser, Emelia Yassir
FOLL: Montana McKinnon, Monique Conti, Grace Egan
I/C: Laura McClelland, Charley Ryan, Sarah Hosking, Charli Wicksteed, Katelyn Cox

Depth: Isabel Bacon, Ally Dallaway, Molly Eastman, Mackenzie Ford, Jodie Hicks, Poppy Kelly, Beth Lynch, Amelia Peck, Jemima Woods

Inactive: Shelby Knoll

Richmond's biggest recruit heading into the 2024 season is no doubt former Crow Montana McKinnon, expected to take over that No.1 ruck role, and releasing Gabby Seymour back into an athletic defensive role. Meanwhile, depending on midfield chemistry, Sarah Hosking may make way for Ally Dallaway, and there is every chance we'll see draftee Isabel Bacon have an impact in the middle at some point this year too. Katelyn Cox, Jodie Hicks, and Beth Lynch will likely all be working toward one defensive role, and that might simply come down to matchups. Cox has speed, Lynch has grit, while Hicks is more of a lockdown small defender. Meanwhile, after two seasons out of the game with injury and illness, Charley Ryan is primed to make her mark this year.

B: Paige Trudgeon, Rebecca Ott
HB: Grace Kelly, Bianca Jakobsson, Hannah Priest
C: Georgia Patrikios, Olivia Vesely, Molly McDonald
HF: Nat Exon, Ella Friend, Nicola Stevens
F: Jesse Wardlaw, Nicola Xenos
FOLL: Rene Caris, Jaimee Lambert, TyannaSmith
I/C: Hannah Stuart*, Steph Chiocci*, Serene Watson, Ash Richards, Darcy Guttridge
*ACL injury

Depth: J'Noemi Anderson, Maddie Boyd, Alice Burke, Caitlin Matthews, Simone Nalder, Beth Pinchin, Nat Plane, Charlotte Simpson, Kiera Whiley

Solidifying the key defensive posts will be a welcome improvement for St Kilda this year, with Paige Trudgeon traded in from Carlton and an expectation that Bec Ott will be fit and ready to return. This will allow the aggressive intercepting and rebounding abilities of Grace Kelly and Bianca Jakobsson to shine. ACL concerns for both Hannah Stuart and Steph Chiocci likely open up opportunities for players like Alice Burke and father-daughter draftee Charlotte Simpson, with Hannah Priest spending more time through the midfield. Rene Caris was recruited to bolster the club's ruck stocks, and she will be fighting for the main role with Simone Nalder, with expectation that Jesse Wardlaw will continue that pinch-hitting role of last season.

Alice Burke celebrates kicking a goal during match between St Kilda and Hawthorn at RSEA Park in round six, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

B: Brenna Tarrant, Alice Mitchell
HB: Lucy McEvoy, Ella Heads, Julie O'Sullivan
C: Sofia Hurley, Chloe Molloy, Paris McCarthy
HF: Cynthia Hamilton, Montana Ham, Brooke Lochland
F: Rebecca Privitelli, Montana Beruldsen
FOLL: Ally Morphett, Laura Gardiner, Tanya Kennedy
I/C: Maddy Collier, Bella Smith, Lara Hausegger, Lisa Steane, Kiara Hillier

Depth: Hayley Bullas, Holly Cooper, Giselle Davies, Sarah Grunden, Alexia Hamilton, Ruby Sargent-Wilson, Paige Sheppard, Lauren Szigeti, Eliza Vale, Aimee Whelan, Alana Woodward

As Sydney continues to develop, and players have been recruited to fill specific gaps, expect some magnet shifting in 2024. Ruby Sargent-Wilson could feasibly be swapped into the side for Paris McCarthy, so too Lexi Hamilton for Bella Smith. Kiara Hillier will provide further key defensive strength, something the club hasn't had in the past, while opting to play Montana Ham forward before rotating into the middle provides a great swap for Chloe Molloy. Meanwhile, there is a hope that draftee Lara Hausseger can become that cool-headed rebounding defender to allow Lucy McEvoy more freedom in her role.

Montana Ham marks the ball during the semi-final between Adelaide and Sydney at Norwood Oval on November 18, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

B: Charlie Thomas, Sophie McDonald
HB: Belinda Smith, Annabel Johnson, Matilda Sergeant
C: Jess Rentsch, Alison Drennan, Jaide Britton
HF: Abbygail Bushby, Ella Roberts, Amy Franklin
F: Kellie Gibson, Roxy Roux
FOLL: Sarah Lakay, Emma Swanson, Isabella Lewis
I/C: Courtney Rowley, Dana Hooker, Lauren Wakfer, Mackenzie Webb, Sasha Goranova*
*ACL injury

Depth: Georgie Cleaver, Emily Elkington, Evie Gooch, Jess Hosking, Kayley Kavanagh, Beth Schilling, Verity Simmons, Zoe Wakfer, Mikayla Western

Another club with significant change in recent months, new coach Daisy Pearce will no doubt take some time to find her best combination. Alison Drennan will effectively replace outgoing midfielder Aisling McCarthy, while promising draftee Jess Rentsch will offer plenty on the wing and pushing forward. Sasha Goranova holds a defensive role ahead of Evie Gooch and Jess Hosking because of her lockdown ability, but may take some time to return from an ACL injury. Meanwhile Georgie Cleaver will challenge Sarah Lakay for that physical ruck role, with Lauren Wakfer in support. Roxy Roux has an opportunity for a new start in the Eagles' forward line alongside fellow former-Dockers Kellie Gibson and Amy Franklin, with Ella Roberts expected to continue her damaging forward/midfield role.

No.2 pick Jessica Rentsch is presented her jumper by West Coast coach Daisy Pearce during the 2023 AFLW Draft at Marvel Stadium on December 18, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

B: Lauren Ahren, Elisabeth Georgostathis
HB: Aurora Smith, Isabella Grant, Vaomua Laloifi
C: Keely Coyne, Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner, Rylie Wilcox
HF: Deanna Berry, Zimmorlei Farquharson, Elaine Grigg
F: Sarah Hartwig, Brianna McFarlane
FOLL: Alice Edmonds, Ellie Blackburn, Isabelle Pritchard
I/C: Britney Gutknecht, Jess Fitzgerald, Ellie Gavalas, Elle Bennetts, Heidi Woodley
*ACL injury

Depth: Eleanor Brown, Brooke Barwick, Jorja Borg, Cleo Buttifant, Dom Carruthers, Naomi Ferres, Maggie Gorham, Analea McKee, Jasmyn Smith, Elizabeth Snell

The Bulldogs made two big changes to their defence during the off-season, bidding goodbye to Katie Lynch and Bailey Hunt and welcoming in sure starters Lauren Ahrens and Mua Lalofi. Elisabeth Georgostathis and Aurora Smith have solidified their positions in the line, and Issy Grant has established herself as one of the best key defenders in the competition. Fellow new recruits Zimmorlei Farquharson and Elaine Grigg will likely slot straight into the attack, while Brianna McFarlane gets the nod as a key forward ahead of Analea McKee purely thanks to her physicality. No.1 draft pick Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner will slide into the midfield alongside Ellie Blackburn and Isabelle Pritchard.

No.1 draft pick Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner during the 2023 AFLW Draft at Marvel Stadium on December 18, 2023. Picture: Getty Images