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Break the Aussie Rules


Welcome to the world of Aussie Rules. We’re glad you can join us to start to experience and find out a little more about the great game of Australian Rules Football.

Here at the AFL (Australian Football League) we’re inviting those who are new to our game to try it out perhaps by attending a match, watching it live or visiting a local club to try it out.

But first, we thought you might be interested in learning more about the game and some of the AFL clubs close to you.

In addition, we’re also offering those new to the game an exciting ‘money can’t buy’ match day experience at your preferred AFL club in New South Wales and Queensland, see below for details.

Break The Aussie Rules is our way of inviting you to do Aussie Rules your way whether that be a drop in, creating new traditions with friends and family or singing as loud as you can at a game, this game is for everyone to enjoy.