People are staying at home and have plenty of time to consume content which means its a perfect time to put more energy into your social media platforms. 

With more people turning to social media to get their news, its a great way to breakup people "news feed" with fun and engaging posts from the club. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great way to keep your stakeholders engaged during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are some tips to follow when posting on social media during this time:

  • Reach out to your 'followers' to see how they are doing – start conversations and build connections. People will be craving human interaction
  • In uncertain times, your posts should show empathy and compassion, rather than stress or fear.
  • People will be looking for fun and entertaining content for distraction so get creative!

If you are findig it hard to think of creative or engaging posts, have a look at your state body's or leagues social media accounts. You can always share posts to ensure you keep content flowing. 

Here are some other ideas to get you started:

  • Encourage your followers to tag the club and other followers in the #stayathomechallenge. This is sure to create conversation - and competition!

  • Find funny photos from throughout the previous seasons and play "Caption this Photo"

  • Post old photos (we are talking 10-20 years ago) and ask followers to tag who is in the photo

  • Create an e-sports competition for followers - even better, challenge other clubs to join in. AFL Evolution is soon to be released.

  • Create Facebook events and host 'team dinners' virtually where everyone attends in their club gear. Dont forget to invite sponsors!

  • Design a Covid-19 inspired playing jumper and get followers to post their creation to your page

While you are posting, dont forget about your sponsors. Showing them some extra love may help them get back on their feet once business returns to normal and keep the connection with your club strong. Some ideas could be:

  • Ask followers what meal they are missing the most from the local restaurant, club, cafe (of course, this only works if you are sponsored by a food service business)
  • Name a Facbeook event after your sponsors e.g. "The Local Barber Team Dinner" or the "AFL Evolution Club X Challenge - supported by The Milk Bar"
  • Post the business open hours if they still remain open and encourage people to support them - while practising social distancing measures.

If your club has had success with social media engagement or thought of other creative ideas, send them into to showcase to others.