COVID-19 social distancing measure means many clubs can't host their usual fundraising events.

This can impact club financials quite drastically adding extra stress for the club administrators. However, getting creative with your fundraising ideas can still bring in the extra dollars for your club.

Toyota Good for Footy Raffle 

It’s free and easy to register, so you can be raising real money in no time. People can buy tickets online meaning you can still practise social distancing! To register your club now, click here.

Online Raffles 

Online raffles can take away the face-to-face sales but still help you run your usual raffle campaigns. Raffle Link, Raffle Tix and auraffles are all great platforms to run your online raffle.

Online Trivia Nights

This is a great way to engage your audience and raise some money. Ask your sponsors to donate prizes for the night and give them a plug during the event to increase sponsor value.

There are online trivia platforms to help your run your trivia night from home. You can use software like TriviaHub or ZOOM to host your night. Once you set up the event, ask members to pay a small fee to enter the event and market the event through your social media channels, club newsletters and website. 

Virtual Game Night

Like trivia nights, you can host virtual game nights! Again, there are many platforms to host your game night. Jackbox Games is just one of them. A quick Google search should help you find a platform to suit your needs. 

Esport Tournament

Keeping on the "online game" train of thought, you could also host your own ESport Tournament. This can be a little more complicated than a trivia night or game night but could be worth it for the extra fundraising dollars especially if you have a gamer in your club audience that can help you out. Again, many platforms can help you host your own tournament like Toornament. A quick Google should give you a list of sites that provide instruction and platforms to help.

Online Auction

Online auctions are perfect for moving club merchandise while raising a few extra dollars. You can also ask sponsors to donate their products for auction which may help add value to the sponsorship partnership. Ebay is a well-known and easy way to host your club auction. Don't forget to promote the auction through your social media channels, club newsletter and website. 

Online Merchandise Store

Clubs can sell merchandise online. Your uniform suppliers may have an online store option through their ordering channels, or your website host may have online store capabilities. 

Australian Sports Foundation 

Fundraising4Sport (F4S) program is a great way to fundraise for sporting clubs and are the only organisation in Australia to have Deductible Gift Recipient status for sports. This means that if you partner with ASF for your fundraising, all donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

Before you start your online fundraising campaigns, be sure to read over the Australian Consumer Law's guide for fundraising to ensure your fundraising activities are conducted correctly. 

If your club has ran a successful fundraising activity during the COVID-19 pandemic, please send them into to showcase your success and ideas to other clubs.