COLLINGWOOD coach Nathan Buckley has admitted he's not sure if Harry O'Brien will return to training on Monday.

Buckley told Triple M on Saturday he will meet with the All-Australian utility once he returns to Melbourne from Port Douglas on Sunday.

"We'll catch him on Sunday and we'll see where we go from there," Buckley said.

Asked if O'Brien would be back at the club on Monday, Buckley said "not definitely".

Buckley has not denied he had an argument with O'Brien, but also will not confirm the speculation.

"I won't be discussing it at all," he said.

"I have questions and comments and discussions and topics with players internally every day of every.

"The issue with Harry or any issue with any other players will remain in-house."

Buckley added O'Brien was given time off after the player was ruled out because of the injury.

"The doc has confirmed that Harry had floating bone from an injury sustained two or three weeks ago," he said.

"After that we spoke to H and H chose and we agreed on giving him a couple of days off."
O'Brien's teammate Clinton Young confirmed to Crocmedia there was an issue involving O'Brien during the week.
"Obviously there was something that happened at the club during the week," Young said.
"The club and Harry saw it fit that he have a few days off and as far as that's concerned, that's all I know. Hopefully he'll be back at the start of next week.
"He's a very important player and hopefully he can be up and running for the main part of the year."
Young also confirmed O'Brien is in Port Douglas for the weekend.
"Hopefully he's getting his mind straight and whatever has happened at the club, hopefully that's all resolved very quickly and he can be back on the field shortly," Young said.
Magpies midfielder Luke Ball insists O'Brien's ankle injury was legitimate.
"Harry genuinely had an injury this week," Ball told SEN Radio.
"If there was another issue, then it's been dealt with internally. He'll be back next week and available."

Jacqui Reed is a reporter for AFL Media. Follow her on Twitter @JacquiReedAFL