IZAK Rankine's star factor didn't need much more boosting, but the South Australian has blitzed the field to win the NAB AFL Draft Combine's agility test.

The electric half-forward shapes as a top-five selection at next month's national draft and showed his ability to weave through traffic by completing the agility run in 8.039 seconds.

He beat Vic Metro captain Xavier O'Halloran, who was marginally behind Rankine's time with 8.063 seconds.


Rankine is the only back-to-back All Australian in the draft pool and due to his pace, smarts around goal and ability to shape games when they matter, clubs with early picks are considering where he fits in their order.

He was a standout at Wednesday's testing, having also completed the 20m sprint in 2.93 seconds.

It placed him third overall behind winner Tom McKenzie, a half-back from the Northern Knights, who ran 2.90 seconds and versatile South Australian Connor Rozee who completed the sprint in 2.91 seconds.


Late draft bolter Sam Sturt had a strong day as clubs watched him test for the first time, with the Dandenong Stingrays forward winning the running vertical jump test (right foot) with a leap of 91cm as well as strong performances in the sprint and agility.

Geelong Falcons pair Ned McHenry (level 22.2) and Sam Walsh (level 22.1) headed the Yo-Yo endurance test.

Day three NAB AFL Draft Combine results

Standing vertical jump

Ely Smith - 77cm
Laitham Vandermeer - 72cm
Ben Jarvis - 72cm
Izak Rankine - 70cm
Irving Mosquito - 68cm
Bailey Scott - 68cm
Isaac Quaynor 67cm
Connor Rozee - 67cm
Buku Khamis - 67cm
Chayce Jones - 66cm
Will Hamill - 66cm
Charlie Sprague - 66cm
Xavier O'Halloran - 66cm
Rhylee West - 66cm
Riley Grundy - 66cm
Connor Idun - 66cm
Bailey Williams - 66cm 

Running vertical jump (right foot)

Sam Sturt - 91cm
Chayce Jones - 85cm
Xavier Duursma - 83cm
Ely Smith - 82cm
Isaac Quaynor - 81cm
Riley Grundy - 81cm
Xavier O'Neill - 81cm
Connor Rozee - 79cm
Rhylee West - 79cm
Irving Mosquito - 78cm
Noah Answerth - 78cm 

Running vertical jump (left foot)

Bailey Williams - 94cm
Chayce Jones - 91cm
Connor Rozee - 88cm
Laitham Vandermeer - 88cm
Ely Smith - 86cm
Isaac Quaynor - 86cm
Will Hamill - 86cm
Ben Jarvis - 86cm
Xavier O'Neill - 84cm
Zac Foot - 84cm
Jackson Hately - 84cm
Bailey Scott - 84cm 

20m sprint

Tom McKenzie - 2.904 seconds
Connor Rozee - 2.91 seconds
Will Hamill - 2.914 seconds
Izak Rankine - 2.93 seconds
Connor Idun - 2.945 seconds
Bailey Williams - 2.946 seconds
Xavier O'Neill - 2.957
Xavier O'Halloran - 2.96 seconds
Ben King - 2.965 seconds
Sam Sturt - 2.966 seconds 


Izak Rankine - 8.039 seconds
Xavier O'Halloran - 8.063 seconds
Rhylee West - 8.216 seconds
Will Hamill - 8.222 seconds
James Blanck - 8.258 seconds
Chayce Jones - 8.270 seconds
Ben Jarvis - 8.308 seconds
Connor Rozee - 8.326 seconds
Ely Smith - 8.328 seconds
Sam Sturt - 8.396 seconds 

Yo-Yo test

Ned McHenry - level 22.2
Sam Walsh - 22.1
Luke English - 22.1
Will Golds - 21.8
Xavier O'Halloran - 21.6
Oscar Brownless - 21.6
Will Hamill - 21.4
Ely Smith - 21.4
Jez McLennan - 21.4
Lachlan Sholl - 21.4
Fraser Turner - 21.4