GARY Ablett has again requested a trade to Geelong and his manager Liam Pickering says the Cats are "absolutely" keen on getting him back to his former club.  

But Pickering warned Ablett could retire if a deal couldn’t get done.

"If this doesn’t go through then Gary’s got a decision to make and his decision will be he either retires or stays at the Gold Coast," he said.

After seven seasons and 110 games with Gold Coast, the 33-year-old has played just 34 games in the past three seasons.

Numerous shoulder injuries have plagued his consistency and he was also troubled with hamstring issues during the later part of this season. 

But Pickering was confident that Ablett still had plenty more football left in him. 

"(I'm) one hundred per cent confident he can hold up," he said.

"I think he could play three or four more seasons, but I mean that’s everything going well, him not being injured and form staying as it has been for the best part of ten years.

"This year the games he played I thought he was fantastic, he won their best and fairest so he’s delivered."

Pickering said he was confident Geelong could fit Ablett in its salary cap. 

"We wouldn’t have gone down this track if the Cats weren’t on board," he said.

"The next move will be to obviously sit down and I’ll be catching up with Scott Clayton, Steven Wells, Steve Hocking and Mark Evans.

"Those guys will try to work out what satisfies the Gold Coast because he’s a contracted player."

Suns CEO Mark Evans indicated the Suns were prepared to trade, but they would need to be fairly compensated to agree to Ablett’s request.

"Gary Ablett informed the club of his desire to be traded to Geelong during next month's exchange period," Evans said in a statement.

"We indicated to Gary and his manager Liam Pickering that there are conditions that will need to be met for the Gold Coast if this is to be achieved.

"Scott Clayton will be available to meet with Liam and Geelong to ensure these conditions are met."

Geelong said in a statement it looked forward to negotiating with the Suns, while conscious that Ablett still has a year remaining on his contract.

"The club is respectful of the fact Ablett is a contracted player with the Gold Coast and as such, the Suns have the final say on a trade agreement."

Earlier this month, Cats coach Chris Scott said a switch for Ablett back to his former club would be 'impossible' as the situation stands.