YOUNG Brisbane Lion Nick Robertson has no regrets after getting into a scuffle with Sydney superstar Lance Franklin on Sunday, saying there was "not much in it". 

Franklin was back to his dazzling best against the Lions, kicking eight goals in the easy win, but late in the third quarter wasn't happy with the 21-year-old defender when the two were opposed in the Swans' forward 50.

Franklin 'jumper punched' Robertson before the Lion returned the favour and threw the champion forward to ground.

Robertson told he didn't think much of the incident, but was just trying to do the best thing in a tricky situation. 

"He's a lot taller (9cm) and stronger (19kg heavier) so I thought I had to get him away from goal and that's all that was going through my head," Robertson said. 

"I thought I'd try and push him as far out as I could and back myself to run back to goal rather than go one-on-one with him. 

"He didn't really like that, so we had a bit of a scuffle.

"We were pretty right straight after. It was all just heat of the moment and not much in it, I didn't think."

The scuffle was deemed acceptable by the AFL, with both men being cleared by the Match Review Panel on Monday.

But the incident spoke of a bigger picture – one that showed the Lions don't want to be pushed around. 

"Being a young group, we want to become respected in the AFL again and if we have to do that sort of thing, then that's what we'll do," Robertson said. 

"We want to bring that physicality and pressure, and if that's what the outside world sees, a bit of physicality, that's great."