ALEX Rance might be one of the biggest stars in the AFL, but he was in awe when he had the chance to meet the fastest man in history, Usain Bolt.

Bolt, who was at the Puma store in Melbourne for a jumper presentation, left Rance and fellow Tigers Brandon Ellis, Sam Lloyd and Daniel Rioli starstruck.

While the Richmond players – along with just about every sports fan worldwide – are familiar with the eight-time Olympic gold medallist's best work, Bolt revealed the reverse might also be true. 

"I've been to three games overall and I've seen the game on TV a couple of times … it was good," Bolt said. 

The 100m and 200m world record holder is in town for the Nitro Athletics competition and with his height (1.95m) and speed (covering 100m in 9.58sec), even the AFL's most athletic big men pale in comparison. 

But the question remains: can the world's fastest man kick a Sherrin? Given the absence of a footy at Tuesday's media event, we might never know.

Alex Rance mimics Usain Bolt's famous post-race celebration pose. Picture: Getty Images

Rance up close and personal with the world's fastest man. Picture: Getty Images