JASPER Pittard has no qualms playing higher up the ground to counter Port Adelaide's loss of run due to injuries to Matt White and Jared Polec.

Polec remains sidelined with a stress fracture in his foot, while a grade 2-3 tear in White's left hamstring has floored him for up to six weeks. 

Earlier in the week, Hamish Hartlett nominated Pittard as the type of player who might have to pick up some slack in the run and carry department. 

Pittard told AFL.com.au he'd be able to help provide run wherever he lined up this Saturday against Carlton at the MCG, but that he wasn't the only Port player capable of doing so. 

"If I have to push up the ground or even if that's from defence, and try and give that run that we've usually been so good at, then definitely I'm there to do it," Pittard said. 

"There will be guys coming in who have plenty of run and be willing to give that as well."

Pittard shapes as an important player as Port looks to set its season straight.

The half-back flanker is a prime mover out of defence and has established himself as one of the club's smarter 'risk takers'.

The 24-year-old plays a brave brand of footy, which coach Ken Hinkley is keen for his side to embrace.

After last week's 23-point loss to Geelong, Hinkley insisted he wanted his players to keep taking the game on, and that's exactly how Pittard will be trying to play against the Blues.

"It only takes one or two guys to have a crack each week and it'll open up for the rest of the team," he said.

"We're (not) being tentative – I think we're always looking for those options and wanting to do it.

"But the competition's so great this year that it's just so hard to do it. 

"I'll certainly be having a crack, and I know that's the message to the rest of the team."