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Dank denies banned drug was given to Essendon players

Dank denies drug allegation The latest from Stephen Dank and Andrew Demetriou on Essendon drugs scandal
Sports scientist Stephen Dank
No they didn't. They didn't
Stephen Dank on whether Essendon players took banned Thymosin Beta 4
SACKED sports scientist Stephen Dank has denied reports he administered banned drugs to Essendon players during his time at the club.

Fairfax Media claimed on Wednesday that the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) report into Essendon's supplement program in 2012, which was presented to the AFL and the club this week, found circumstantial evidence that the prohibited drug Thymosin Beta 4 was given to players.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has deemed the substance to be performance enhancing, and thus, a prohibited drug.

The anti-obesity drug AOD-9604, which has been linked to the club and is detailed in the report, is also banned under the WADA code because it is not approved for human use.

When approached on Wednesday, Dank denied Essendon players had taken prohibited substances.

"No they didn't," Dank said.

"They didn't.

"As I said, I'm not commenting on anything boys, so obviously we'll leave it to the barristers for today. Thanks very much."

Pressed further, Dank insisted the reports were incorrect.

"Certainly are," he said.

It was reportedly unclear whether Thymosin Beta 4 was used, because it was understood the players' consent forms only referred to 'Thymosin', meaning it was possible a legal version of the drug was administered.

Dank is yet to be interviewed by ASADA, and when asked if he would be speaking to the organisation, he replied, "No".

Jacqui Reed is a reporter with AFL Media. Follow her on Twitter @JacquiReedAFL