MATTHEW Jaensch has settled out of court in his civil claim against a man who broke his jaw in an Adelaide hotel more than four years ago. 

Jaensch, who retired suddenly from the Crows last Friday, was due to appear in court to settle the matter on Tuesday.

Jaensch was suing a man for punching him in the face at the General Havelock Hotel in September 2011 but the defendant claimed his actions were reasonable, alleging Jaensch was sexually assaulting a woman earlier in the night.

In a statement released by the Adelaide Football Club on Tuesday afternoon, Jaensch emphatically denied such allegations.

“During this lengthy matter, I have also been accused of indecent assault which I emphatically deny and in fact I have never been approached by police,” Jaensch said.

“I found the unsubstantiated allegations of an indecent assault offensive.”

For procedural purposes, Deputy Chief Magistrate Dr Andrew Cannon informed the media that the court action would be adjourned to 11.30am on Thursday, March 24.