WESTERN Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge says his club is confused about what constitutes a suspension for a dangerous tackle.

"There's a lot of grey in it at the moment and I think no one's got any great faith that it will be sorted out in the short term," Beveridge said on Tuesday.

Beveridge's call comes after Geelong's Luke Dahlhaus (watch in the player below) and Port Adelaide's Sam Powell-Pepper were found not guilty of dangerous tackles by the AFL Tribunal on Tuesday night.

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WATCH: Dahlhaus receives one-game ban for dangerous tackle

Geelong forward Luke Dahlhaus can accept a one-match sanction after rough conduct on Matt Crouch

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Beveridge believes there's been another shift in the interpretation of the rule and it won't be cleared up quickly.

"I think every club is confused," he said.

"We've got to at some point get to the stage where we stop mid-year confusion and making things up on the run and it's happening all over again."

The Dogs appealed the one-match sanction handed to defender Hayden Crozier for his tackle on North Melbourne's Jack Mahony (watch in the player below) earlier in the year but were unsuccessful.

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Dogs defender banned for this sling tackle

Bulldogs rebounding defender Hayden Crozier has been banned by the MRO for this tackle on North's Jack Mahony

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Beveridge questioned whether if that incident happened this week whether Crozier would have had his suspension overturned.   

"Croz's suspension stood and that cost the club $5000. I think they halved the $10,000 appeal cost but [what] we're talking about at the moment, whether or not we appealed that now whether we'd actually get off."

The Bulldogs coaching group doesn't give guidance to its players on how to apply a tackle properly either.


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Big Hawk left dazed by SPP's big tackle

Ben McEvoy takes his time to get up after a big tackle from Sam Powell-Pepper

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"You can't tell them to be careful and you can't instruct them either way because you're not sure which way to instruct them, and that's the shame of it all that we as coaches have no handle on which way to coach it," Beveridge said.

The Bulldogs take on Geelong on Friday night, but Beveridge wouldn't confirm whether key defender Zaine Cordy would come straight back in to take on Tom Hawkins. 

"He'll definitely play at ... one level," Beveridge said.

Veterans Matt Suckling and Taylor Duryea will play in a scratch match on Saturday morning, with this being Duryea's first game for the year after battling persistent quad injuries.

The ex-Hawk is out-of-contract at the end of 2020 but, despite the potential of shrinking list sizes, Beveridge believes Duryea's previous work could earn him another contract.

"Taylor's still good enough to play as an influential defender for our football club," Beveridge said.