GEELONG'S Luke Dahlhaus has joined Port Adelaide's Sam Powell-Pepper in being cleared from suspension at the AFL Tribunal on Tuesday night.

Dahlhaus' one-match ban for his dangerous tackle on Adelaide's Matt Crouch was downgraded in order for the Cats small forward to be free to play the Western Bulldogs on Friday night.


Initially graded by Match Review Officer Michael Christian as careless conduct, with high contact and medium impact, the Tribunal found Dahlhaus' action to be careless conduct with contact to the body and medium impact.

He walked away with a $1500 fine.

The Cats and their representative Ben Ihle successfully argued that there was no sign of Crouch's head making contact with the ground, instead his point of contact with the ground coming at his upper arm.

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AFL representative Jeff Gleeson attempted to highlight the change to the dangerous tackle guidelines made in June which put a stronger emphasis on 'the potential to cause injury'.

Earlier in the night, Powell-Pepper's one-match ban for his dangerous tackle on Hawthorn's Ben McEvoy was thrown out by the Tribunal jury.

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He was cleared to face Sydney on Saturday.

It was initially graded by Christian as careless conduct with high contact and medium impact. 

However, the Power and its representative Ben Krupka successfully argued the tackle was "fair and reasonable in the circumstances".

A key part of the Power's submission was that neither of McEvoy's arms were pinned in the tackle and that the Hawks ruckman's first point of contact with the ground was with his backside. 

Despite reservations from AFL representative Jeff Gleeson QC, the Power were also granted their wish to show a similar tackle from McEvoy shrugging off a tackler against West Coast earlier this season. 

In a lighter note early in the hearing, Krupka pointed to McEvoy's 'Big Boy' nickname when highlighted how difficult it was to tackle the 200cm, 102kg ruckman. 

A Tribunal jury also sat over four written submissions with an outcome expected to be communicated on Wednesday.