September. It’s the miracle month. Four weeks of unscripted drama that compels, captivates and astounds. The thrill of possibility.

We enter the 2019 Toyota AFL Finals Series with a torrent of noise and opinion and come out the other side with moments etched in history. 

The lifeblood of footy media is saying ‘why they can’t’. After all, when it comes to the flag, most won’t, and the commentators love nothing more than being right. But footy is awash with stories of defied expectations. Players who break the mould to unlock new levels of performance. Teams that click suddenly and beautifully at the right time of the year.

We know already that the doubters will be proved wrong. On the 28th of September, a group of young men will stand atop the premiership dais and silence the critics who said they couldn’t. 

There are always voices. The most important voice is the one inside.

Don’t Believe in Never.