IN A YEAR the code has hemorrhaged money, Brisbane has avoided a financial disaster, says CEO Greg Swann.

Despite the club turning a rare profit in 2019 on the back of its on-field success, it is believed to be in excess of $15 million in debt. 

However, despite the COVID pandemic, Swann said Brisbane had staved off the worst-case scenario. 

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"We looked like we were going to lose a lot of money, but because everyone has stuck," he said. 

"We've actually ended up quite good on the back of what looked like it might be a disaster at the start. 

"We'll have a small loss, but that's not too bad considering the circumstances." 

Brisbane has again qualified to host two finals at the Gabba, including Friday night's sellout of 25,000 against Richmond, which will help the club's bottom line. 

Swann said decisions on cuts to the football department, in line with a reduction in the soft cap, would be made post-season. 

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"We're concentrating on this year, we think we've got a chance (to win)," he said. 

"We'll worry about next year, next year. We're concentrating on the now."