OUTGOING Collingwood list manager Ned Guy is reserving his right for further action against Matt Rendell after the former Pies recruiter launched a stinging criticism of his tenure on Friday.

Guy announced on Thursday he would be resigning from the Pies immediately after the June 2 Mid-Season Rookie Draft, just months after the club's tumultuous Continental Tyres AFL Trade Period that saw Adam Treloar and Jaidyn Stephenson among high-profile departures.

Rendell declared Guy wasn't "that keen on watching a lot of footy" and that the Pies had made a mistake by employing the former player agent at the end of 2017.

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'Not a fire sale': Pies' list boss defends shock trade exodus

Collingwood's list manager Ned Guy talks to Fox Footy after the Trade Period.

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It prompted Pies chief executive Mark Anderson to release a statement on Saturday night, less than two hours after the club's win over North Melbourne.

Rendell worked at the Pies for seven years, including more than two with Guy, before he was made redundant during the COVID-19 season shutdown in early 2020.

"Ned's background is in finance and I think that's why they got him in, to try and fix up the TPP (Total Player Payments), but it didn't quite work out that way," Rendell told SEN on Friday.

"My experience was that he didn't watch much footy. People are coming into the club in recruiting and list management, you have to love watching all sorts of footy. I watch AFL, VFL, women's and under 18s, I'll go to the local clubs and watch them play. Any grade of football I'll watch them.

"I don't think Ned was that keen on watching a lot of footy. From that point of view, I thought it was a really poor appointment by Geoff Walsh, to tell you the truth.

"And no surprise it has ended up like it has."

Anderson, who joined the Pies as chief executive in 2018, opted not to name Rendell but issued a statement on Saturday.

"Collingwood is deeply disappointed by inaccurate comments made by a one-time employee yesterday," Anderson said.

"The comments were aimed at Collingwood list manager, Ned Guy, and by extension the Collingwood football department and cannot be allowed to pass without being corrected by the facts.

"For the record, in 2019 Guy attended 137 AFL, SANFL, WAFL, TFL, NEAFL and NAB League matches. He travelled approximately 67,000 km to do so. On average he attended five matches a week.

"In 2020, Guy lived outside of Victoria for four months, and away from his wife and young children for two months, to escape the Covid-19 lockdown in place at the time. This enabled him to scout matches in Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales.

"Guy flew approximately 37,000km on behalf of Collingwood in 2020 to attend 49 matches (a Covid-19 reduced figure) and interview potential recruits. Collingwood recruiting manager Derek Hine honored a similar schedule.

"Collingwood recruited eight players in the 2020 national and rookie drafts and is widely seen to have chosen wisely.

"Guy has been an industry professional for almost two decades and has the widespread respect of his peers, many of whom are offering their support in light of the claims they know to be untrue.

"Given these facts, Guy is reserving his right to further action."

Collingwood football boss Graham Wright, who was appointed in January, will take on Guy's portfolio on an interim basis from June.