IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Nat Edwards and Sarah Black discuss Liam Jones' shock retirement decision, what's next for the Blues, and join all the dots on football's big issues.


- Liam Jones' retirement: 'Such an integral player'
- Jones lost 11.8 per cent of defensive one-on-ones, Steven May lost over 23 per cent
- 'The Blues ranked 17th for points conceded … the lack of team defence was shocking'
- Voss' priority: New coaches often start with defence first 
- Where is the AFLW fixture? They are 'cutting it a little bit fine'
- Training session today for prospective draftees

In this episode ...

1:04 – Fallout from Liam Jones' shock retirement

3:21 – The options Carlton have to replace Jones

6:24 – Jones' elite one-on-one record in 2021

8:07 – Will any other players need to sit out of footy next season?

9:36 – AFLW season opener

12:05 – Fixturing challenges over summer

14:26 – Prospective Victorian draftees gather for a training session