CHAMPION Data has announced the AFL Fantasy positions for 2022 and with it, the Fantasy pre-season has commenced.

A bunch of new names will be at the top of the list in the forward line as some long-time dual-position favourites have lost their FWD status.

Roy attempts to pick his best 22 players as he begins his Fantasy Draft rankings. The position changes mix things up from last season with a new top defender and forward, while Touk Miller is ranked as the best midfielder in Roy’s eyes.

It was a quiet Continental Tyres AFL Trade Period but Calvin found a few players who could be Fantasy relevant in 2022.

Warnie has plenty of news about the game which is set to launch in the coming weeks as The Traders kick off their pre-season.

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In this week’s episode …

1:00 - What has Calvin been up to in the off-season.

4:30 - Warnie talks through some of the position news with players who lost dual-position status.

8:00 - With the addition of some gun FWDs, could we load up in the forward line in Fantasy Classic?

12:00 - Roy has a crack at an early Rollin' 22; the best 22 players at the end of 2022.

15:30 - You can throw a blanket over the top midfielders, but who misses out?

19:00 - Tim Taranto is ranked as the best forward.

24:20 - Round one fixture is in and there's no overlap of games. The rolling lockout will be important.

27:25 - The Fantasy Classic salary cap is likely to increase for next season.

30:00 - Calvin runs through the top 10 most relevant players from the Continental Tyres AFL Trade Period.

36:15 - A new Docker is the No.1 traded player.

40:00 - The Traders are stoked with their performance in the Australian Podcast Awards. 

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