COLLINGWOOD ruckman Brodie Grundy's tackle that hospitalised North Melbourne star Ben Brown with concussion was "the perfect tackle", Pies coach Nathan Buckley says.

However, Buckley's description bemused Kangaroos coach Brad Scott, who, when asked if he felt it was the perfect tackle, responded: "No."

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The incident in question took place in the second quarter of the Magpies' 54-point win at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night, when Grundy pinned both of Brown's arms from behind before driving him face-first into the turf.

Grundy received a free kick for holding the ball while Brown was taken from the field on a motorised stretcher and was later transferred to hospital in an ambulance.

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A week after Patrick Dangerfield's one-game suspension for a similar tackle on Carlton's Matthew Kreuzer, Buckley said there was a "massive grey area" in what constituted a legal tackle.

He added that players need to be given "a really clear understanding of what is and is not acceptable".

The Pies coach said there had been several "dangerous" tackles on Saturday night, some of which were rewarded while others were penalised.

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"It was a perfect tackle," Buckley said of Grundy's effort post-match.

"I don't think there was any malice in the tackle. He was tackling to dispossess, tackling to get the free kick the way the rules are written. So what more do you do?

"Clearly when you're tackling someone from behind with momentum, there's going to be a little bit of carry (forward effect). It's pretty hard to put yourself in reverse when you've got no friction to do it.

"We understand the lay of the land, and the way that precedents have gone in recent weeks, and Dangerfield's a clear example of that. But I don't know how closely related Brodie's tackle is to that …

"There's a massive grey area there and we're all swimming in it at the moment."

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Buckley said it was critical that players gained clarity on the rule.

"There'll no doubt be a discussion about it, but I agree with protecting the head of players, and we've seen different rules come in at different times to do that.

"But I think it's really important to give the most important stakeholders – the players – a really clear understanding of what is and is not acceptable.

"It is a contact sport. We don't want to see that happen, but it's going to happen from time to time.

"We saw three or four dangerous tackles tonight – a couple were (penalised and) a couple were paid holding the ball. So there's a bit of discussion to take place."

No 'malicious intent' in Brown tackle: Grundy

Scott said the AFL is doing all in its power to "avoid situations like this" but also believes it's "a bit of a work in progress".

"I don't think there is anything malicious in (Grundy's tackle), and I didn't think there was anything malicious in Patrick Dangerfield's tackle on Kreuzer. It's just unfortunate," he said.

"Accidents happen and we have to make sure we make the game as safe as possible, while still making sure it's a competitive, combative sport."