Field umpires Simon Meredith, Hayden Gavine, Robert Findlay and Matt Stevic on September 27, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

The AFL is pleased to announce the umpiring panel for the 2023 Toyota AFL Grand Final between Collingwood and the Brisbane Lions at the MCG this Saturday.

Matt Stevic will umpire his 11th AFL Grand Final alongside Simon Meredith (seventh Grand Final) Hayden Gavine (first Grand Final) and 2023 All Australian umpire Robert Findlay (first Grand Final) as the four Field Umpires. Andrew Stephens has been named as the Emergency Field Umpire.

The four Field Umpires have officiated 1,619 AFL games between them, including 133 AFL Finals and 17 AFL Grand Finals.

Ian Burrows will umpire his 10th AFL Grand Final alongside Christopher Gordon (seventh Grand Final), Matt Tomkins (fifth Grand Final) and Michael Barlow (second Grand Final) as the four Boundary Umpires. Matthew Konetschka, who has umpired five AFL Grand Finals, has been named as the Emergency Boundary Umpire.

2023 All Australian Goal Umpire Adam Wojcik will officiate his fifth AFL Grand Final alongside Angus McKenzie-Wills, who will be umpiring his first Grand Final. Brodie Kenny-Bell has been named as the Emergency Goal Umpire.

Stevic is set to umpire his 10th consecutive AFL Grand Final and Gordon is set to officiate his 350th AFL game which will also serve as his final game as an AFL umpire after announcing his retirement.

2023 Grand Final umpires (back L-R): Angus McKenzie-Wills, Matthew Tomkins, Matt Stevic, Christopher Gordon; (front L-R): Michael Barlow, Simon Meredith, Hayden Gavine, Robert Findlay, Ian Burrows and Adam Wojcik. Picture: AFL Photos

AFL Executive General Manager Football Laura Kane congratulated the umpires on their appointment in the 2023 Toyota AFL Grand Final.

“Matt, Simon, Hayden and Robert have performed outstandingly this season and their appointment to the 2023 AFL Grand Final is a testament to their hard work,” Ms Kane said.

“I also want to congratulate each Boundary and Goal Umpire selected and thank every Umpire who has officiated in the AFL this season.

“All the best to all our match day officials – from our Timekeepers and Interchange Stewards to our Shot Clock Operator, Umpire Trainers and Ball Stewards the biggest game on the footballing calendar does not happen without all your hard work.”

AFL General Manager Umpiring Lisa Lawry congratulated the umpiring panel on their appointments and highlighted their experience across the team.

“Congratulations to all the Field, Boundary and Goal Umpires on their appointments this weekend. Across the panel, there’s a combined 3,599 games experience, including 335 Finals and 46 Grand Finals,” Lawry said.

“I want to congratulate Chris Gordon in particular for reaching his 350th and final game. All the best in your retirement and thank you for the contribution you have made to boundary umpiring; you have been an outstanding umpire and leader for the umpiring team."

2023 Toyota AFL Grand Final Umpiring Panel

Field Umpires

Matt Stevic (#9)
Ganes: 472
Finals: 56
Grand Finals: 10 (2012, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22).
Eight-time All Australian (2012, 14, 5, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21)

Hayden Gavine (#14)
Games: 145
Finals: Seven

Simon Meredith (#21)
Games: 469
Finals: Six
Grand Finals: Seven (2012, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 22).
2022 All Australian

Robert Findlay (#23)
Games: 329 games
2023 All Australian

Andrew Stephens (#12)
Games: 204
Finals: 10

Boundary Umpires

Michael Barlow
Games: 114
Finals: Eight
2021 AFL Grand Final

Christopher Gordon
Games: 349
Finals: 37
Grand Finals: Six (2011, 15, 18, 19, 21, 2022)
2022 All Australian

Matt Tomkins
Games: 282
Finals: 31
Grand Finals: Four (2014, 15, 19, 20)
Two-time All Australian (2019, 20)

Ian Burrows
Games: 385
Finals: 43
Grand Finals: Nine (2010, 10R, 12, 14,15,16,19,20)
Two-time All Australian (2010, 15)

Matthew Konetschka
Games: 263
Finals: 31
Grand Finals: Five (2017, 19, 20, 21, 22)
2023 All Australian

Goal Umpires

Adam Wojcik
Games: 294
Finals: 34
Grand Finals: Four (2013, 15, 16, 17)
2023 All Australian.

Angus McKenzie-Wills
Games: 136
Finals: Nine

Brodie Kenny-Bell
Games: 157
Finals: Nine

Additional match day officials:

  • Match managers: Sophia Samartzis and Scott Taylor
  • Timekeepers: Andrew Miller, Michael Sexton, and Christopher Patterson
  • Interchange Stewards: Wade Stewart and Michelle Thomson
  • Shot Clock Operator: Laura Giles
  • Umpire Trainers: Ashleigh Holmyard, Jonathan Kaplan and Katelin Rouse
  • Ball Stewards: Rachel Forer and Jordan Gibson